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What is The Average Coyote Weight?

Coyote is one of the most adaptable animals in the world and mostly so, in urban areas because it can feed on anything; from grass, plants, cats, or fish. It is the most rapidly expanding species and can be found in many parts across the United States. These animals are monogamous and live in pair bonds for several years. Coyotes living in the cities usually display nocturnal behavior, but will also hunt during the day. Coyotes travel in packs but hunt in pairs, targeting their moles, dogs, cats, ground squirrels, and other livestock.  The average coyote weight depends on the region and climate characteristics of that particular region.

Weight varies in different states

They are found in variety of habitats, mainly open grasslands, and broken forests. They are reproductive and have the potential to give birth to 12 pups at a time. The average weight of male coyotes is around 8-20 kg and females are 7-18 kg. Northern animals are usually larger than those to the south. In Mexico, the average coyote weight is around 11.5 kg and 18 kg in Alaska. The largest coyotes are found in the northeastern United States, which could be due to hybridization with Clapus or other genetic factors or is simply a phenotypic response to enhanced nutrition.

It is important to note that coyotes belong to the canine family, which is the most challenging of any mammals. The average coyote weight increases from West to East indicating some degree of hybridization. The average weight of coyotes in Minnesota is around 25 to 35 pounds i.e. 11.3 to 15.9kg), Wisconsin up to 45 pounds i.e. 20.4 kg and New England around 60 pound i.e. 27.2 kg.

Choosing the right Coyote Bait

Climate impact on the weight

Coyotes weigh more during the fall and early winter but weigh considerably less during the pup-rearing period, which is during late winter and spring. Therefore, comparing coyotes from the West in early fall to those of the Midwest in summer would not be a valid comparison.  The average weight of coyote of adult northeastern male falls within the range of 31 to 45lb with an average of 36lb. Similarly, the average weight of female coyote will be around 26lb to 40lb with average around 32lb.

It is determined that the average weight of coyotes outside of the Northeast to be 27lb for males and 23lb for females. Male coyotes are approximately 10% heavier than females regardless of any regional differences or climatic differences. The male western coyotes are 74% of the size of the northeastern male coyotes. The reason for such a difference is mainly the integration of wolf genetics into the eastern coyote population.

Adult male coyotes in the southwestern United States, from California or New Mexico weigh at an average of 24 pounds. It is argued that the huge difference of average weight between to region could be due to hybridization and interbreeding with both coyotes and the population of hybrid coyotes or wolves, which take place in southern Ontario.

Weight in relation to the size of the coyote

The difference in average weight of Coyote based on region is attributed to hybridization and interbreeding. It is interesting to note that coyotes from different regions weigh differently. This shows that the environmental factors greatly impact the development of coyote growth. However, one could see the difference between male and female coyotes and the same is evident across different regions, cities and across the country.

However, it is important to note that coyotes are only one-quarter to one-half the average weight of wolves, i.e. 20-40 pounds. The weight of animal is relative to its size and more the size, greater will be its weight. Coyotes grow to be about 2 feet tall at the shoulder, about two and half feet long, with thick fur weighing around 20-35 pounds.     At the time of birth, the young weighs about 250 grams, and later gains weight on daily basis till it achieves adult weight at about nine months.

The size and weight are interrelated because the weight will increase or decrease based on the size of the body. It is important to note that because of its body size and weight, coyote is swift and slow in its action, while making a kill. Since its appearance resembles a dog, it is easily adaptable to the urban areas and can feed on literally anything. However, it is interesting to learn that coyotes all over the country are not same in size or weight.

The regional differences, in terms of climate or landscape, make the appearance of coyote either heavier or lighter, big or small; thus, making life dangerous for people. The average weight of coyote is 18 and 20 for female and male respectively. And the fact that the change in size and weight may also be due to hybridization and interbreeding shows that this species is increasing its population rather quickly.

These species are dangerous to the human habitation and despite the fact that the US government kills nearly, 400,000 coyotes every year, the population is increasing. Coyotes are the most common and most serious predators of livestock in the United States. They cause a majority of predation loses of livestock. It is alleged to spread rabies. Bounties against coyotes were offered in early 19th century. This animal is a dangerous species that poses threat to livestock and human safety.

It is important to note that northeastern coyotes are heavier than the western coyotes. The difference though not phenomenal but tells us about the ecological imbalance. The geographical landscape plays a vital role in the average weight of coyote in the region. In relation to northeastern region, hybridization and genetic reasons are the main factors that contribute towards increasing weight of coyote. Moreover, the difference in average size is also attributed to the contrasting measurement analysis as the climate for northeastern and western region are different and the average weight of coyote changes depending on the climate i.e. winter or fall and that during mating period. Hence, it is important to consider all these factors while considering the average weight of coyote.

Hunting Pack

Hunting Pack List

Hunting is fun, especially when it is legal and becomes a sort of entertainment when it comes with a competition organized with dedicated prize. Coyote hunting has become a routine thing for many hunting enthusiasts in the United States and the government is actively promoting the killing of coyote. This article sheds light on the hunting pack list when it comes to coyote hunting.

The coyotes are omnivorous animals that reside in the neighbourhoods and can feed on nearly anything. The term “anything” is dangerous, as simple it seems, because coyotes can eat puppies, cats, snakes, and even attack humans. More dangerous is the fact that this species are increasing in number and populating the urban areas making the life of people difficult. Coyotes can be seen roaming in the park and can encounter with children or other domestic animals. It is important to clarify that coyotes are not domestic, but wild animals.

Since they are dangerous and pose a threat to livestock, US agencies regularly kill around 80,000 coyotes annually. In addition, professional and leisure hunters kill around 320,000 coyotes annually on farms. If you would like to become a professional hunter, hunting coyotes could be a thrilling activity, which enables you to use various tools for killing animals. So, what would your regular hunting packing list look like?

It is important to choose the right kind of gear for hunting predators. Some of the useful tools, accessories, and hunting tips to hunt coyotes are listed below:

Hunting For A Hazel Grouse Bird

Essential gear

You should identify the ideal location for hunting and carry all the essentials such as tent, clothing, and food for days; water, mosquito repellents and other basic things that you would need but may not be available in the forest. It is always good to carry as much water as possible. Among the essentials, also include enough fuel for your car so that it lasts longer. In addition, do not forget to collect firelighters so that if such a situation arises, you should be able to spend the night in the forest among the wild animals.


You can use many weapons to kill coyotes. Savage Edge XP (.243 Win) is an entry-level rifle with a barrel mounting system that ensures accuracy. It has a detachable magazine that makes unloading and loading easier. Then there is Center Venture Predator (.22) with a new bolt – action and is the favourite among the coyote hunters. Another one, which is good for hunting coyote, is Rock River Arms, a 16-inch barrel carbine and is regarded as a specialized rifle to kill the pack of coyote with aim selection and effortless shooting.  Ensure that you have necessary amount of bullets and other ammunitions to kill the animals. Apart from rifles and bullets, a hunter must pack bow, string, front stabilizer, back stabilizer, arrows, quiver, and other related equipment that will be helpful in killing the predator from the distance without making the noise.


It is important to carry a camera, binoculars, and other optics for far reaching visions. Besides, use riflescope such as Vortex Viper that enables the hunter to reach out for predators and offers various styles and modes of shooting at the predator without getting notices. Other hunters, interested in capturing the moments may carry a camera and click pictures of the predators, before and after the kill.


While hunting, the primary thing is that a hunter should is not to be visible to predator and that the kill happens without the notice of anybody. Camouflage types of dresses are good for hunters so that they can blend in the environment and location and can deceive the prey. The hunter should also include all other dress essentials such as tops, bottoms, socks, hat, and belt, including gloves that can batter both rain and sun. The clothing gear should also include sunglasses, footwear, leg gaiter, poles, arm sleeves to protect from insects and other bites.

Other Gears

The hunter should pack glassing pad, archery backups for release, nock, sight tape, stuff sack, and GPS devices to identify location. You should set the location right. Other essential items include:

  • Chap stick
  • Wind check device
  • Knife for multipurpose activities
  • Face paint for deceiving the predator
  • Hunting license that to be shown in case
  • Forest offices ask
  • Game bags that include bomb packs
  • Water purification sachets
  • Satellite messenger to send emergency messages
  • Extra batteries for camera, torch and
  • Cell phone to be in touch with the outside world

General Kit

Apart from dressing, weapons and ammunitions, the hunting pack list must include safety gears such as headlamp, flashlight, first aid and toilet paper. The first aid kit must include bandage, medicine, and some relief injections. Since one cannot hope to survive on forest food for the whole time, it is necessary to carry cooking kit such as pot, stove, few utensils, cooking fuel and fire lighter. In order to survive for the whole period of hunting, one should contain breakfast content, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner and other health drinks to stay active and healthy in the forest.

The hunting pack list mentioned above is deliberative but not exhaustive as there are lots things that you can add. However, the above pack list includes all the necessary items that every hunter must have while going on hunting.

Take advantage of careful planning

Hunting should be well-planned and one should prepare well before stepping out. You should always carry the basic items that will be required to at least survive for days and be safe apart from possessing weapons to kill the predator. It is necessary that hunters know the trick to hunt coyotes as they are very flexible and move very fast, making it very difficult for the hunter to kill the predator.

The coyotes are increasingly becoming very dangerous and a big threat to livestock and people. The hunting pack list described above contains essential tools and accessories that you may need for a successful hunting experience. For more information on coyote hunting, visit

Rabid Coyotes

Rabid Coyotes & Disease

Rabid Coyotes


Diseases are common in wildlife. Wild animals are known to carry different types of diseases and virus that can be dangerous for humans and domestic animals. As the human population and development grows, it generally has had a negative impact on the population of wild animals. However, one breed of animal that has been able to not only sustain its population but also grow with urbanization is that of coyotes. This shows just how resilient the animal is and how it adapts to survive. The coyote population continues to rise in North America which calls for some concerns. Coyotes are wild animals and carry numerous different diseases that can be harmful to humans and their pets.

While there isn’t an exact figure of how many wild coyotes are in the US, figures estimate anywhere from 300,000 – 700,000 coyotes. They aren’t just in deserts or the wild but can even be found in areas such as Chicago and New York. They do well to adapt to different locations so they can easily survive in the city, which makes them even more dangerous. It is important to stay clear and protect yourself and your animal from wild coyotes, here’s why:


Although rabies is not very common in coyotes, there have previously been reports of it in South Texas. There haven’t been many reported cases of rabies from coyotes, but that doesn’t mean they are clear from it. Coyotes can carry rabies and therefore makes them dangerous to humans and other pets.

Canine Distemper Virus

While the virus is not dangerous for humans, the Canine Distemper Virus can be quite harmful to dogs. While the virus doesn’t normally lead to death, it can depend on the immune system of the animal. It leads to numerous different symptoms such as diarrhea, high fever, and others. There is no specific treatment for the virus, the animal is usually just treated for the symptoms they have. Coyotes can easily carry this virus and transfer it to other animals especially dogs.


Coyotes can carry the sarcoptic manage disease which gives them a “mangy” look. It can be transferred to human and develops to what we know as scabies. While it may not be deathly, the disease can be a nuisance. Known as an infestation on the skin, you will develop rashes and constantly itch. The symptoms aren’t long-lived as the parasite that causes them are more specific to coyotes so it is short-lived on humans.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to diseases coyotes carry. There are numerous diseases carried by coyotes that are why it is important to stay clear from rabid coyotes. The best way to fight any disease is to take preventative measures. When it comes to coyotes, be sure to stay clear from them. That means do not feed them or go near them for any reason. As we urbanize, we cut down on coyotes natural habitat which means they have no choice but to live in urban settings.


Coyote Mythology

Coyote is an important mythological character or personality and has an important place in folklore of North American Plains, California and Southwest Indians. It is regarded as one of the chief animals before humans. Coyotes are revered as an independent creative force that secured necessities for humans. He is cultural hero revered from tribe to tribe that teaches, and helps, is a comic trickster that is sometimes intelligent and sometimes acts foolish.

The Coyote mythology is wide. Pueblo tribe viewed coyote as someone who hunt medicine and as such, Zuni hunters kept his stone effigies. Other tribes revering Coyote include Cahuilla, Mohave, Hopi, Zuni, and Pomo.

Coyote as Savior

Among all the famous myths of Coyote, it is believed that old man coyote created people using mud and his creative powers. The coyote mythology goes on to state that he gave the animals their name to be called as buffalo, deer, bear, etc. When we hear to this folklore, one can hardly imagine coyote as the modern day four-legged animal but as a human being or a supreme being who took handful of mud and created humans. According to Chelan myths, there is society of animal people and coyote is from such society and is just like creator.

While there are myths that present good things about coyote and represent him as creator or savior, there are myths that portray him as greedy and foolish. The myth of Silver Fox and Coyote portrays Coyote as someone who created people by using sticks and shavings and then later tried to molest the same women created by him. Interestingly, they turned back into sticks and shavings.

Best Coyote Call

Folklore about coyotes

Among Native American legends, coyote is the reason for storms during winter. The story goes on: Coyote and Cloud decided to race wherein cloud bet storm and coyote clear weather. While coyote was already leading cloud by distance, could lured coyote by growing fruits in front of coyote. Seeing that cloud was far behind, coyote took time to eat fruits forgetting that cloud was catching up, eventually winning the race. Though this myth is similar to hare and the rabbit story, this has a different moral, if one cloud see with open eyes, that one should fulfill his responsibility and do not rest until the goal is achieved.

The coyote mythology is unending and the stories reveal the heroic and anti-heroic traits of coyote. The main heroic traits include transformation, good deeds, strength, and travelling to distant places. As known of many legends of folklore, the coyote is also known for bringing changes in the lifestyle of people, creating rivers, changing landscape of mountains, and fighting monsters.

In one of the Wasco tradition, coyote is believed to kill Thunderbird, a monster bird with the support of spiritual power drawn from the Spirit Chief. The Wasco tradition believes that the Spirit Chief advised coyote had to fast for ten days in order to gain strength and power to kill Thunderbird. Coyote’s good deeds rivals that of crow (known as raven) and the Wasco myths consider Multnomah Falls exist because of coyote’s effort while other traditions believe that Raven is credited for its existence.

Coyote as trickster

Coyote is a dangerous trickster and his tricks have either damaged his reputation or helped others. In one of the stories, Coyote gathers water from frogs and distributes it to others because water is natural ingredient and should be accessed by all and not controlled by any. There are stories where Coyote is tricked herself. Coyote, in one of the stories, hunts and hides meat for her children, but the hideout for meat is known to the wildcat that eats the meat and hides back on top of the tree.

When Coyote along with her children comes to location and finds no meat, her children label her mother as lair. Not knowing where the meat has gone, Coyote sees pieces of meat in the river and in order to collect it, baby coyotes tie stones to her mother’s neck and she jumps in the river, finally drowning. The wild-cat climbs down from the tree and says what has happened and laughs at the stupidity of coyotes. The wild-cat since then hunt animals and took food for the coyotes and took care of them. This story shows stupidity of the coyote.

However, the clever side of the Coyote is evident from other myth where it got stuck inside some kind of a magical tree and called its friends to dig a hole on the branch of the tree. The robin bird, sparrow and wren were called to dig hole on the tree but were unsuccessful and they broke their beak. According to this myth, these birds today have small beaks because of this reason. Woodpecker finally came and created a small hole before flying back. In order to come out from this small home, coyote dismantled its body parts and threw each body part out of the hole and after coming out of the hole, starting joining his all the parts. But, later he came to know that his eyes were taken by Raven.

In order to get new eyes, coyote tricked an old woman to give her eyes for his supernatural and powerful eyes that could see spirits in the broad daylight. Coyote god the eyes of old woman and was able to see again and laughed at the foolishness and greediness of the old woman who did not want to help initially but on knowing about the supernatural eyes of Coyote, agreed to exchange her eyes.

Many realities link to coyote mythology like the existing landscape of the mountains, the size, and traits of certain animals or birds with short or long beaks. Numerous myths provide good information about various traits of coyote as illusionary, trickster, savior, helper and destroyer of monsters that were threat to various peoples. One thing that is important to note is that many myths consider all the species as people and that all races are equal, not different or classified as different animals.

Small Tactical Knife

The Small Tactical Knife You Need for A Good Hunt

It is obvious that the first step to choosing a knife is to decide on the purpose of the knife. If you need a small tactical knife for coyote hunting, you make the first step toward choosing the perfect knife. However, you need to consider other factors when you choose a small tactical knife, especially if it is for hunting.

The Handle

You have to eliminate all the knives that might not suit your purpose based on the handle. The handle is a very crucial part for a tactical knife. You need a handle that provides a good and comfortable grip without deteriorating in your hand. Tactical knives are made from a wide array of materials. The manufacturer could have used wood, leather, nylon, and polymer, plastic, rubbery plastic and other types of materials.

If you have sweaty hands or you are going to an area that is wet, say the mountains, there are handles you might not want to take with you. For instance, knives with bone handles are prone to breakage while leather handles get slippery when wet. A wooden handle might also not be preferable if you are in a wet area. To ensure the knife feels sturdy, heavy and firm in your hand, you should choose a small tactical knife with a rubber or polymer handle.

The blade

Speaking of the environment that you will be in, consider the material that makes the blade. You do not want a knife that will lose its sharpness within the first day of hunting. Furthermore, the last thing that you want is a knife that will rust or require very high maintenance to avoid rust. The type of steel used in making your small tactical knife is essential. You have to choose from carbon steel, stainless steel and carbon stainless steel. The last option, high carbon stainless steel, is the best option because it is a hybrid of the first two. It does not rust very easily and it is strong and sturdy. The main disadvantage is that most of the knives made of carbon steel are quite expensive.

Of the remaining two, the carbon steel knife has higher chances of rusting than the stainless steel knife. However, it is also sharpened easily, cheaper, durable and rugged. A stainless steel knife is a perfect make for a small tactical knife because it does not require as much attention. It is a bit harder to sharpen but it is a preferable tactical and hunting knife.

The design

Another feature to consider is the tang design used in making the knife. The tang is the steel part of the knife. A full tang runs from the tip of the knife and through the handle to the other end of the knife. A half tang only runs from the tip of the knife to the point where the handle starts.  A full tang is preferable to a half tang. A full tang ensures the knife is firm and unbreakable. If you are hunting, you definitely want the full tang. You do not want the knife breaking in half when you are halfway cutting though your games bone.

The type of knife

Another aspect to consider when shopping for a small tactical knife is type of a hunting knife you want. Choosing between a fixed blade knife and a folder knife is crucial. Folder knives are easier to carry; however, fixed blade knives are reliable, stronger and cheaper. Besides you can choose a fixed blade knife for a small tactical knife and buy a knife sheath to ease carrying it around.

The following is a list of small tactical knives to consider.

  1. Fallkniven Tre Kronor Fixed Blade Knife, 4IN, Laminate Powder Steel Blade 3 Crown

Fallkniven Tre Kronor Fixed Blade Knife 4in Laminate Powder Steel

The Fallkniven Tre Kronor is a high quality small tactical knife made from the combination of 3 types of steel. Its convex edge and 3G steel alloy combination makes it strong and reliable. It does not require constant sharpening due to its retention and toughness ability. The rubber-like feel of the handle comes for the thermorun elastomer used to make the handle making the knife handle resistant to weather changes, heat aging or chemical damage. The Fallkniven Tre Kronor is a small fixed blade knife that can serve the hunter all his life with good maintenance. However, it does not come with a sheath; you have to purchase a sheath separately. It costs more but it is worth the consideration.

  1. Benchmade – Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016 Knife Drop – Point


The Benchmade – Hidden Canyon Hunter is another fixed blade knife which is a good choice for a small tactical knife. It is made of durable materials starting with the premium American made premium steel to the glass reinforced G10 handle. The premium steel is provided stability and excellent edge qualities. It is corrosion resistant. The knife remains razor sharp with minimal sharpening requirements.

The handle is also moisture resistant and the knife can maintain stability under a variety of temperatures. Hence, the user is assured of a good grip even in wet conditions. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty from Benchmade and a free sheath. Note that the belt loop on the sheath is positioned horizontally. However, it comes at a pocket friendly price so you can always purchase an alternative sheath if you find the horizontal position uncomfortable.  The knife is no more than 6.32 inches making it a perfect small tactical knife.

  1. RUI 19542 Mohican III Lock knife

The RUI Mohican is an excellent choice for a small tactical knife. If you would prefer a folder knife, this is an excellent choice. It is 7.5cms with an overall 17.5 length. However, it is made stainless steel with a good level of strength, blade retention and durability. In order to prevent corrosion, it has a titanium coating.

It has a reliable lock system and the handle has white dots to amplify visibility of the knife in dark conditions. The knife comes with a high density nylon pouch. The tactical knife is appropriate for hunting due to its leaf camo green camouflage colour.  The aluminium rubber coated handle also ensures that it can be used in moist conditions. The RUI Mohican is a perfect small tactical knife for a good hunt.



Seven Best Tactical Bags for a Hunting Expedition

A tactical bag is an essential gear for a hunting expedition. However, not just any backpack can serve the purpose. Many manufacturers concentrate on durability and interior size but skimp on important features that make a seamless tactical bag. A hunting activity requires a slim, compact backpack that fits squarely on your back and accommodates all the essentials and accessories that you need. Here are 7 best tactical bags that you should consider for a great outdoor experience.


Made of Oxford nylon fabric, this tactical bag is stronger than many of its competitors. It comes with an expansive interior and more pocket size. Ideal for hunting enthusiasts, this bag offers great security for accessories and essentials. Its quality material zippers ensure that nothing slips out once inside. The exterior PALS webbing feature makes it perfect for small equipment, with an internal division that makes it easier to organize your items. The cushioned hit support makes it stable once in place. You can get this bag at Amazon. Notable features of this tactical bag include:

  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap
  • Main compartment size: 10x7x4 inches
  • Sturdy Oxford nylon fabric
  • Internal division with 2 loop fields
  • Lightweight



This popular backpack comes with a sling attachment that allows for quick and easy access. Besides, you can use both hands to access your items. It is tough, made in military style, and durable. The spacious compartments are enough to accommodate all that you need for a camping or hunting expedition. It comes with a safe and secure spot for your valuables such as a flashlight, smartphone, ammo, binoculars, food clothing, and first aid kit. The bag is available at Amazon.

Key features include:

  • Sling—for hands-free access
  • Nylon fabric with modular holders
  • Sturdy 600D Polyester construction
  • Spacious master compartment with internal closure sleeves
  • PVC lining on the inner compartment
  • Nine-liter storage space


This all-in-one tactical bag carries multiple pistols, food, clothing, and accessories. It has an ample room for your ammunition, pistols, magazines, tools, and cleaning supplies. Designed to bear the rigors of a hunting activity, this bag features 600D heavy-duty polyester, making it one of the best tactical bags in the market. The heavy-duty straps make it ideal for heavy loads while the adjustable inner compartment makes it easier to customize the space according to your taste. You can get the bag at Amazon at affordable price.

Notable features include:

  • Padded pockets for additional protection
  • Triple-stitched handles
  • Spacious main compartment—12 x 12 x 9 inches
  • 7-Magazine front compartment
  • 4-Magazine pouches in the back compartment

Cons: some users have expressed concern about durability



This tactical gear pack contains several pockets to put stuff. It is versatile with a lot of space, sturdy and rugged, making it ideal for any kind of outdoor activity. With thick, smooth zippers that don’t snag and two zipper pulls, you can access your belongings quite easily. This bag is available at Amazon. Distinct features of this bag include:

  • Heavy-duty fabric—an assurance of durability and strength
  • Padded back—rests easily on your back
  • Waterproof—no worry about spills
  • Load comparison system on the front sides

Cons: some users have expressed concern about the location of the side strips.



This shoulder strap duffel backpack is ideal for tactical assault, hiking, camping, or military duty. The size and portability make it one of the best tactical bags in the market. With ample storage space and heavy-duty polyester fabric, this bag is durable and withstands the rigors of daily use. Visit here to find the bag. Here are prime features:

  • Interior waterproof PVC lining
  • Molle strap system on the side
  • Two side Velcro pockets
  • Made of hard plastic



This bag has been on the market since 1994. It offers excellent quality storage solution. If you want a tactical bag that offers an innovative way to transport your hunting essentials, the range master explorer is the go-to product. It features the best material with a partitioned interior for better organization. Besides, if you need more space, you can easily remove the partition to create more space. You can find the Rangemaster bag at Amazon. Key features include:

  • It is fairly priced
  • Unquestionable value
  • Laptop compartment at the back
  • Zippered exterior pockets for additional space
  • Rubber support at the bottom
  • A spacious compartment on the right side
  • Internal handgun and magazine storage
  • Modular design—100% polyester


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

This concealed-carry backpack is one of the best tactical bags available. It is ideal for hunting, hiking, or camping activities. It provides easy access to your gun and other accessories while on the go. The inner compartments can accommodate all your essentials including first aid kit, knife, flashlight, GPS, and mobile devices. The bag is available at Amazon.

Key features include:

  • Lightweight—easy to move around with
  • Sturdy, non-slip carry handles
  • Side pockets for daily essentials
  • Spacious main compartment for all your devices
  • Quick-release buckle

Main point to consider

A suitable tactical bag should reduce weight, prevent hurdles, and accommodate all your supplies. It is advisable to invest in multiple tactical bags to handle different outdoor activities. Before you purchase a tactical backpack, do a thorough research and find out more information on the best tactical bags in the market.

First off, you should read product specifications to see whether they meet your requirements. Reliable companies provide better and detailed descriptions of their products. It is equally important to read product reviews as they provide first-hand information from previous users. This can help you make an informed decision on a given product. A few main points to consider include:

  • External size
  • Storage capacity
  • Comfort
  • Accessibility
  • Material and durability
  • Budget

A reliable tactical bag is a friend that you can trust with your belongings during a hunting expedition. It should bear harsh outdoor elements and carry everything you need. If you would like to know more about best tactical bags for hunting, visit


Foxpro Fury Electronic Predator Call Review

Introduction: Predator Calling

Whether you are an experienced hunter or an aspiring beginner with high expectations of your hunting game, you would do well to introduce yourself to predator calling, the art of using your prey’s sense of hearing to your own advantage. Due to innovations in technology, you can easily access the benefits of calling without having to invest your time in lengthy practice and the time consuming trial and error that was practically a given with normal, old school calls. Modern, electronic predator calling devices are much safer, much less demanding and have high consistency allowing you to focus completely on the hunt.

Investing in a high quality electronic call make your hunting trips much more enjoyable and rewarding, as you will more than likely increase your number of successful kills considerably. Companies all around the world have realized that and have made many such products to capitalize on the growing need for quality calls. One company, however, stands out.

Enter FoxPro

FoxPro is a leader in hunting accessories, with a plethora of innovative products and designs under its belt. Evolving all the way from a single man operation back in 1993 to a more than 70 person company, its cutting edge products are now sold on a worldwide range. Having successfully cooperated with numerous institutions, universities, government agencies, oil refineries and even the United States military it has well expanded beyond the closely limited predator hunting community.

Each new designed is repeatedly researched, tested and refined by the company’s specialist leading to continuous spurs of improvement in electronic hunting accessories products. Their game call brands are of an elite quality and will give you an enormous edge against your hunting competition, setting your hunting game well within the next level.

Although FoxPro has created a great number of successful game call brands, including Deadbone, Inferno and Shockwave there is none that really compared with the good old FoxPro Fury II Game Call, the most advanced digital game call that has ever been produced.

FoxPro Fury Electronic Game Call Review

FoxPro Fury Electronic Game Call

Technical Information:

  • Stereo or Mono operation
  • 16 channels of remote operation
  • Backlight intensity control
  • Continuous, sequential and single play mode
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Internal and external speaker control
  • 8 AA batteries, which are required for the   speaker unit
  • AA batteries, which are required for the controller.
  • A remote range that is up to several hundred yards long.
  • 100 pre programmed sounds, including: coyote pup howl, female coyote bark howl, howling dogs, coyote male challenge scream, coyote pup screams and baby red fox distress call.


What we really like about the FoxPro Fury II is how easy it is to use and successfully implement to your hunting trips. Its internal memory – 4 giga bytes – allows you to store up to five hundred different sounds. That being said, however, we find it extremely unlikely you won’t be instantly satisfied with the preexisting one hundred sounds the base package has had already installed. Still, in case you want more, the option is there.

Another feature we liked is not that only does the 24 bit audio produce lifelike quality sounds, but the device has a very long remote range, going all the way up to several hundred yards. Thus, a hunter can easily stay hidden and covered while using their remote to activate the call, ensuring they will stay out of their prey’s sight.

And then there is the product’s amazing sequence capability. You can easily program a particular sequence you like, stacking different sounds of different volumes one right after the other – FoxPro Fury II will do the rest. Moreover, due to its FoxBang technology, the device can accurately follow up your gun shot automatically, with your number one preset predator call, confusing the animal and allowing you for an extra chance at gunning down any remaining predator trying to run away.


There is no denying that this state of the art device is the King on the market of electronic predator calls. There is zero chance this will in any way not satisfy you. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you will quickly find out that it is somewhat expensive compared to other electronic calling devices. Well, they say you get what you pay for. If you are really looking for the best, you have to pay for the best. Do not sell yourself short. This is exactly what you need if you really want to improve.


Remington R-25

Best Semi Automatic Rifle 2017


What is important to realize is that when it comes to delicate items such as firearms there can be no be-all end-all product. Even though top ten lists and the like are wildly trendy in modern times the harsh reality is that any such list requires real compromises. Anyone claiming their rifle is the best is heavily exaggerating if not outright lying to you: There is no single, perfect semi automatic rifle. There is a huge subjective component in the experience of gun handling, which, at the end of the day, might matter more than most would tend to think. A gun might be just right for your hands, but feel weird and clunky in ours. Moreover, no matter how well intentioned the manufacturers might be, no product can maintain consistent, stellar performances in all roles you might put it into.

All that being said, since there is a need we are obligated to deliver. We have scanned through the semi automatic market heavily and have ended up with two products we believe are solid, versatile and will give you a big buck for your bang. First, we will present you with the parameters we had in mind when performing our analysis and then we will proceed with directly comparing them. Finally, the article will end with our final verdict on which of the two is the most well rounded semi automatic rifle in 2017.

Comparison Analysis

We have weighted the various semi automatic rifles we reviewed on two main aspects. Their performance, how does it fare when you finally put it to work and their ergonomics, how designed for efficiency and comfort they are.

In our experience a gun is as interesting as it is accurate. Or in other words, as fun as it is accurate. If a rifle falls short when it comes to its performance, no matter how budgetly costed, artistically designed or impressive looking it might be you are probably not going to get much use out of it. Efficiency and comfort, on the other hand, is especially important if you are planning for long term use of the rifle. Going for a highly ergonomic product is going to be invaluable if you are planning to go on long hunting trips.

Remington R-25 vs AP4 LR-308

Remington R-25

The Remington R-25 is dubbed “the ultimate modern hunting rifle”. It was designed to meet a growing need for big game hunting semi automatic rifles. It brings to the table an extremely nice blend of accuracy, fast follow up and light recoil setting a very high performance and ergonomics standard. Its design is based on GII technology, it is self-reloading and gas operated with a magazine capacity of four rounds. It is currently listed with a MSRP of $1,697, which is a bit on the expensive side, but you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this purchase: You will fully experience what it means to wield an elite level semi automatic hunting rifle.

AP4 LR-308

Panther Arms introduced the AP4 LR-308 to answer a growing need for smaller, faster and lighter rifles that can still pack quite the punch. This is a favorite of competitive shooters and law enforcers, due to its very high accuracy and extreme flexibility. Due to its higher weight – roughly 11 pounds when fully accessorized and loaded – compared to the Remington, it is more suited towards for still hunting. This highly functional model has a twenty round capacity and is an excellent choice if you are ready to get your shooting game to the highest level. It is currently listed with a MSRP of $1,269.

The Final Verdict

Like we said on the opening of the article, it is extremely hard to make a choice for the best semi automatic rifle. The difficulty increases ten fold when you have zoned in on two elite products who both have a record of excellent performance, have been repeatedly tried and stood strong and true. It is anything but easy to make out a clear winner in this comparison, and we honestly wish we did not have to make such a choice.

Ultimately, since we believe it will suit a wider audience, we conclude that our favorite for best semi automatic rifle for 2017 is the Remington R-25. This is mainly due to its lighter weight and in our opinion more ergonomic design, which will allow a broader range of people to experience the art of hunting to the top level fully and for longer periods of time.

Hunting in Utah

Can I go hunting in Utah?


As you will most assuredly know if you are experienced hunter and as you will quickly discover if you are an aspiring hunter, hunting is highly regulated in the States. You cannot just get hold of a gun and go venture forth deep into the woods to hunt prey. Each State has its own rules and laws on hunting game within its territories. These rules you have to carefully study and memorize. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly end up in trouble with authorities at some point or another.

Hunting in Utah

Utah has a great number of different animals for you to hunt. Commonly hunted species include mule deer, elk, antelope, pheasant, ducks, geese, sage grouse, forest grouse, chukar partridge, mourning dove and wild turkeys, with seasons for all hunt-able species being set on a yearly basis. Information on big game seasons is available on January and small game information can usually be obtained by late August each year.

Hunting Licenses and Special Permits

If you plan to hunt in Utah, you are going to need a hunting licenses. You can either get the basic hunting license, which allows you to hunt small game and apply for the many separate hunting permits to hunt specific species, like bears, or you can get a combination license which includes all the basic benefits along with permission to fish.

You can get both types online. These stay valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

There is a number of species you cannot hunt even when you have purchased a legal hunting license. You will need a separate hunting permit for them. These include: Bear, bighorn sheep, bison, bobcat, cougar, deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, Rocky Mountain goat, sage-grouse, sandhill crane, sharp-tailed grouse, swan and turkey.

There is no guarantee that all special hunting permits will be readily available at a given time. You should consult your local Division of Wildlife Resources office or buy an available permit online.

Hunter education courses

Utah state law states that it is a necessity for “anyone purchasing a Utah hunting license to show proof of completing a hunter education course if they were born after December 31, 1965.” This can come from any state’s wildlife agency or other country. In cases were education courses were taken in other states or countries, the resident is required to transfer that card to a Utah hunter education card.

The educational course helps the trainee learn all the essential skills and practical techniques used in hunting. Other than the mandatory hunter education, there are options for extended courses in archery orientation, bow hunter education and fur harvester education.

Utah’s hunting Guidebooks

After successfully participating in a hunting education course, and after obtaining a legal hunting permit what is left for commencing trouble free hunting in Utah is studying all the relevant guidebooks. These contain in depth information and rules you must abide to when hunting in-state. Luckily for those interested in hunting in Utah, these guides are easily accessible online in electronic format and are distributed freely on Division offices and licensing agents.

There are three categories of hunting guidebooks: Hunt boundary maps, wildlife statutes and administrative rules and finally, a wildlife calendar which includes all hunting application dates, deadlines and season dates. Moreover, there are specific guidebooks written for specific topics. For example, there is a dedicated Fishing Guidebook and a Fur Bearer Guidebook.

Statutes and administrative rules

Regulations that determine how people must hunt, trap or fish wildlife in Utah are contained in both state statutes and division administrative rules. The former are passed by the state legislature whereas the latter are passed by the Wildlife Board. Both are implemented and enforced by the Division of Wildlife resources. Rules are regularly reviewed and modified in accordance with the changing wildlife needs while statutes are created or modified on a yearly basis.


As should be fairly plain by now, hunting is not an endeavor you can just take part in on the whim of an early morning. There is a substantial amount of required actions to be taken before you are considered eligible for hunting. To recap, you are required to undergo an official hunter education course, or, if you have already done so elsewhere, to transfer your card to Utah’s card. Then you can get a basic or a combination license, with additional special permits required for hunting specific species. After you have done so, you are required to study the relevant educational guidebooks and the State’s statutes and administrative rules and laws to make sure you are informed and remain lawful during your hunting trip.

Savage 22-250 Rifle

Savage 22-250 Rifle Review


The Savage Axis .22-250 is a rifle designed by the renowned American firearm manufacturer Savage Arms. It is a no nonsense, stripped of pretense and gimmickry product, that is capable of both recreational and competitive shooting and is definitely going to give serious hunters a big edge in all their hunting trips. A recent trend in the firearm industry is trying to lower product costs, in order to make guns more accessible to a wider public. Naturally, this raises concerns by experienced interested parties. Can you really keep the rifle’s performance standards high, even though you are cutting deep into its price? Well, apparently you can. Savage Axis manages to accomplish just that.

Savage 22-250 Rifle

Putting the company name on a product is risky, as a sub-par rifle would tarnish their good name. Fortunately for Savage firearms, their Savage Axis .22-250 model is sufficiently distanced from their competition in the budget, affordable rifle market. This is the definition of value.

Gun Description & Specs

  • Series: Axis
  • Magazine: Detachable Box
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Barrel Finish: Matte
  • Barrel Color: Black
  • Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Caliber: 22-250 RE
  • Handed: Right
  • Rate of Twist: 12
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 43.875”
  • Barrel Length: 22”
  • Ammo Capacity: 4
  • MSRP: $$$

Product Review

The rifle’s action is in circularly shaped and holds the bolt with a twin floating-head construction and large opposed locking lugs, with the plunger ejector and the extractor claw ensuring a very reliable cartridge manipulation.

There’s a visible and easy to access safety sitting just behind the bolt shroud on separate tang. If you push the safety forward, you will expose a red dot that signifies the gun is ready to shoot. The trigger is an alternative to the adjustable one, typically used by Savage Arms, and is completely nonadjustable.

The magazine has staggered loading and holds four cartridges. It is easy to release, as there is a catch attached right at the magazine front.

The rifle has no open sights, but comes with a 3-12X50mm scope and mount. The scope enables precise shooting and the mounting allows a nightvision kit to be attached as well.

The Savage Axis, despite any doubts you might hold due to its lower than usual price, shoots very accurately. The only downside is, in case you are familiar with Savage’s typical, adjustable trigger, you might have to spend some time getting used to this rifle’ new and nonadjustable one. Other than that, you are very likely to be extremely pleased by the gun’ accuracy. And, as you will very well know if you are accustomed to firearms, it is only accurate rifles that are fun and interesting.

The Savage Axis rifle weights about 6.5 lbs, which safely puts it well within the lightweight class of rifles. If you are interested in hunting, you obviously understand that it is a necessity for your choice of weapon to be easy to carry around while searching for your prey. In this respect, the Savage Axis delivers big time. You will be pleased to find it feels completely natural to hold in your hands – well, unless you are left handed that is. As we mentioned earlier under the product description & specs, this model is designed for the right handed.

In conclusion: Define your goals

Even though we have praised the Savage Axis 22-250 considerably in the rest of the article we are obligated to stress that we firmly believe that before committing to any significant purchase customers have to set clear goals and expectations of the product they are buying. This article was written from the scope of an amateur firearm handler and is addressed to people interesting in hunting – and yes, the Savage Axis will absolutely do a fantastic job for hunting coyotes and the like. But if you really need a top and elite gun, your best might be to invest in a more refined and specialized rifle. Whatever the case may be, however, it is certain that the Savage Axis will not shame you.

For the general public, this might be among Savage’s greatest accomplishments. If you ever wanted to try a new rifle that can accurately shoot and could not afford it, this is the product for you. Ass odd as it may sound, Savage Arms did the unthinkable: The company has successfully combined a great product with an inexpensive package. A rare sight in business nowadays.