Coyote Callers Choosing The Right Coyote Call

FoxPro Mouth Call

One of the biggest questions we get from newbie coyote hunters is “Which Coyote Calls Are Best?” or if your from down south “Which Coyote Callers should a fella purchase?”  Coyote calls can basically be broken down into two categories-  Electronic Calls and Mouth Calls.

Electronic calls use a amplified speaker and a electronic device like a MP3 player to play back recordings of sounds that coyotes like while mouth calls typically look like a duck call and are put in your mouth and blown on to produce a sound that attracts coyotes.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each call:

Mouth Blown Coyote Calls

Pros Cons
Easy to carry around Can Freeze Up In Cold Weather
Require No Batteries Limited Sounds Produced By Each Call
Inexpensive to purchase Takes Practice To Get The Call Sounding Right
Waterproof Location of The Call- The sounds comes from You Not By The Decoy
Easily Control Call Volume

Electronic Coyote Calls

Won’t Freeze In Cold Weather
Expensive To Buy

Can make multiple sounds with one call
Requires Batteries
No learning curve to create sound
Not all electronic calls have volume controls

FoxPro Electronic Call

What to look for in an electronic coyote call-  A veteran coyote caller once told me “When it comes to electronic calls- Save up as much money as you can and buy the best call you can.  Then prepare to go by another call shortly”  I would have to agree with that statement.  Generally the more expensive the call the better it is.  My first electronic coyote caller was the cheapest model I could find at my local sporting goods store.  It sounded good and had good range from the transmitter to the battery but the first thing I noticed and didn’t like was that this call had no remote volume control.  In other words If I wanted to start off soft and then turn the call up as time progressed I would have to get up and walk to the speaker unit where the volume control was located.  That kind of defeated the purpose of a wireless call in my mind.    The more expensive of a call you buy the more sounds the call will be able to make as well.  My cheap call had 1 rabbit sound, 1 coyote howl sound and a coyote pup sound.  The sounds were on a short 30 second loop leaving it up to me to stop and start the call with my remote.  More expensive calls offer a lot more varieties of call sounds.

Important Note-  Using electronic calls is not legal in all areas.  Check your regulations before you spend your money on a call.