Choosing the Best Coyote Hunting Rifles

Coyotes are among the most disturbing animals. They will show up in your farm and try to hide whenever you try to spot them. They can be a real bother if you do not know how to hunt them down. However, with the right coyote hunting rifles, you are sure to eliminate them with ease. Clearing this varmint from your area requires more than an ordinary gun. Considering the fact that these animals come out mostly in the evening and early mornings when there is hardly enough light, you cannot rely on a gun that is not specifically meant for this purpose. When you go to the stores to purchase rifles, you will find out that there are lots of types to choose from. It is upon you to choose the one that you are comfortable with because not everyone is faced with the same situations. There are specific factors that you should look for before you set out to buy a riffle. The most important is to keep within the category of guns that are meant for coyotes.

The attributes of the best coyote hunting rifles

You need to understand that while some rifles may be effective and efficient at killing coyotes, others will not even come close to what you need. Getting close range targeting is quite a difficult task because coyotes are very sensitive creatures. They will sense danger fast and before you realize it, they will have dashed out of vicinity. Your only hope, therefore, is in finding a rifle that helps you to match their speed and sharpness. Most seasoned hunters will tell you to look for a quick long range gun. The type of gun that you can use without that annoying creature noticing that you are aiming at them. When it comes to this art, accuracy is the key to success. The following are the most important features that you should look for before you send your money on any of those rifles that you are likely to find in the stores.

Trajectory and velocity

Trajectory and velocity

Considering that the slightest interference of accuracy when shooting at coyotes can lead to missing the target, you need a rifle that has the most accurate trajectory, and high velocity. The pellets produced have to follow a flat path so that the bullets are expelled at a higher velocity. In addition to that, the gun should have the most effective external ballistics. Unfortunately, not all the guns that you are likely to find in the stores can assure of this and therefore, you have no option but to choose carefully.

Minimized projectile penetration

It is important to know the difference between coyote hunt experiences and the other types out there. For instance, if you are looking for a gun for self defense, you probably will be looking at a different projectile penetration level from the one expected from coyote hunting rifles. In the big games, your main aim is to ensure that the bullets tear your target apart. However, when it comes to coyotes, you do not want it to penetrate the target deeply. The animal will be killed on the spot with the use of lightweight bullets that are properly targeted.

The acidized attributes

The acidized attributes

You should be looking for guns that make it easy to hit small targets. Considering the size of coyotes, it would be unrealistic to go for guns that are meant for predator hunting of huge animals because definitely, you will not even be able to aim accurately. Regardless of the distance between you and your target, you need to ensure that the accuracy is above average. Remember that the reaction speed of the animals can easily make you to miss the target and therefore, you have no option but to find guns that are specially meant for small targets.

The caliber of coyote hunting rifles

Choosing a rifle that has a higher power for use on varmints is the only way you can be sure to target coyotes. The best ones have a bridge of about .22 caliber. These are the same types of guns that are used in the hunting of pests. If you look carefully, you will notice that there is a bug difference in the caliber range when you compare them to other general purpose guns. You should be careful when buying these rifles because choose the caliber means that you will end up with a gun that you can use for anything else but hunting coyotes.

The weight of a rifles

When it comes to coyote hunting rifles, the weight goes hand in hand with speed. Be careful to avoid the temptation of buying arms that are too heavy because it can easily mess with the accuracy. Considering that these are only small varmints, you will be much better off if you just concentrate on those that assure you of maximum accuracy, and forget about the weight. It has been proven that the lightest guns provide the most accurate and precise shots. You also should remember that coyotes can easily dodge and escape your shots. The speed of the bullets ensures that even when coyotes notice that you are pursuing them when you are still at a long distance, you can easily fire the shot and get your target. Studies show that the most popular guns in the stores for this purpose are those that have speeds exceeding 910m/s.

Do your homework

A little research on the available coyote hunting guns will help you to know more about them. Even when you you are sure of the features that you want in this gun, you need to know about what other users are buying. Find out the experiences that they have had with other guns and if they managed to shoot and kill coyotes in the first place. You may also want to contact some of your colleagues to find out the types of guns that they are using. You also should not just rely on what you see in advertisements. There are some manufacturers that will advertise the best features only to find out that the rifles are nothing close to what is depicted. If you can find various reviews both on and offline, you will know what others buyers are saying, and that will be wrong for you to make a choice. If most of the reviews are positive, you can be sure that the rifle is a good choice. However, if the reviews are all negative, it is an indication that you should be looking for rifles elsewhere.

coyote hunting guns
You can also do your research by surveying the neighborhood. Since you people come from the same location, there is no doubt that your coyote hunting experiences are the same. You are hunting under the same weather, terrain, and are chasing the same types of coyotes. Try to find out what your neighbors are using. If it is working perfect for the guy next door, there is no doubt that it will work for you too. For those who have never tried coyote hunting before, it might be much better to learn from the experienced experts in this field.

What is your budget?

Most buyers often start by budgeting for a rifle and then start looking for the other features. However, the best method is to ensure that you focus on finding what you want before you think about the amount of money that you are likely to spend. What you need to understand is the when it comes to buying coyote rifles, it is important to focus on finding a high quality one. There is nothing that you will gain when you spend a few dollars less that the usual price, and end up with a gin that cannot even give you the kind of accuracy that you need. In such a situation, the best thing to do look for a balance between the prices, and the quality. If you are looking for the lowest offers on rifles, you may want to compare several online as well as offline stores. You will notice that there is a big difference in what you are likely to get. It also may be useful to look for a reliable supplier because they also determine the kinds of rifles that you are likely to get.


It is not easy to pick a specific coyote hunting rifle and say that it is the best. This is because the situation under which people hunt these creatures vary greatly. The terrain, lighting, weather conditions, and the behaviors of the coyote can vary based on where you live. That is the reason why the rifle that seems perfect for you may not even come close to what other buyers are looking for. To get the best, you need to know how useful it will be in your case. The good thing is that there are many rifles types that you can choose from regardless of where you will be hinting. Just take some time and choose the best.