Best Coyote Bait

Hunting coyotes is increasingly becoming difficult with the cunning animals cracking on nearly all the hunting tricks such as calls. However, coyotes always fall victim of baits in their quest to feed and maybe attract a partner as the animals are highly social.

However, there is more to baits than just throwing carcass around in a field with lots of coyote activity. You need to study their behavior further to ensure your hunt does not turn out to be a fail like other hunts. You need to master the art of choosing the best baits for your hunts as coyotes are highly opportunistic animals translating to a broad diet.

Coyotes can adapt to changing environments efficiently so as to survive. Foods changes with changes in seasons, and as such, you are required to master these changes as you choose your baits. However, in spite of the changing diet, consumption of rabbits, rodents, and birds remain top on the list. Besides, you will find them consuming reptiles, corn, and berries when the supply of meat diminishes.

You will be happy to know that deer carcasses have proven to work miracles on the hunt for coyotes as it poses as an abundant supply of meat and the scent travels far and wide attracting a coyote fast. With coyotes being carnivores a couple of hungry coyotes will consume a deer in a single night, making it a prime choice of bait.

However, always consult a law enforcement officer before you embark on a hunting trip it will save you lots of inconveniences as most states have laws protecting their game.  In addition to choosing a deer for your bait, consider smaller animals such as rabbits as they are top on the list of their favorite meals. Finally, if meat becomes scarce choose to make a pile of their favorite grains such as corn and berries; they too will act as good bait for the elusive coyotes.

best coyote bait

Baiting Coyotes

Coyotes are some of the most cunning animals and elusive you will ever come across. As such, there are no guarantees on how to hunt down one. However, with some information, you can increase your chances of success to a greater degree. Besides, they have a strong sense of smell, and if the wind blows your scent towards the animals, your chances of success become slim no matter what you have used as bait.

Make sure you make coyotes an offer they will find hard to resist, and that is by choosing a deer as your bait. The strong smell from the dead deer will always draw the coyote towards the kill zone; their opportunistic nature will overrun any other odor they pick in the air.

It is important to note; some seasoned coyote hunters have recorded more chances of killing the elusive animal under a full moon. The hunter waits for a good blanket of snow and at midnight when there are minimal winds to blow their cover away. Besides, the early hours of the morning just before daybreak also offer perfect timings to hunt.

The actual set up requires a set of skills to raise your chances of success. Below are tips on how you make the perfect offer that the animal finds hard to resist.

First, choose raised ground or in an elevated tree stand. The position should be approximately 75 yards from the bait to ensure you have a perfect shot and winds do not blow towards the animal.

The second step maintains a safe distance or a runway ground as to caution yourself against the wounded animal. Besides, coyotes circle around an animal before finally committing to feast on it.

The third step makes sure you place the bait in a position winds blow on it to ensure the scent spreads over longer distances to ensure you attract as many coyotes as possible.

The fourth step, place your baits close to a coyotes sleeping area as you are sure they must get some rest after a day in the wild. Besides, you can choose to place the bait along paths they frequently take just to ensure you will get their attention.

How To Bait Coyotes

After making all the above consideration how do bait coyotes for that perfect kill. Ordinarily, most hunters fail to make complete concealment plans while hunting something which will quickly give away their position.

Baiting coyotes unlike other animals requires you to have to make a calculated move on how you bait them as the slightest of mistakes could give away your location. First, choose to place your baits at night it will work in your favor as coyotes are built for the night and make most of their hunting at night.

Make sure you bait is big enough to avoid your entire bait getting consumed fast, as the animal is a fast eater. The bait should have some blood on it to make the situation appear as natural as possible. Coyotes are known to walk away from bait in the event they suspect any foul play in the game.

On choosing the perfect position for the bait, choose a comfortable place from where you will take that perfect shot. You will require a place where you can lay motionless for as long as possible as coyotes easily detect the slightest movements and run for their lives.

In addition to comfort, get a position where you get concealed from its site and any wind blowing. Finally, make sure your coyote light remain on for as long as possible; putting it on and off will spook coyotes especially eastern coyotes. Coyote light gives an edge over wide scanning area with minimal movement, as such carry a good set of bipods.

The bipod will help come in handy to support your gun minimizing movements as you adjust to get a perfect shot. Red coyote is the best light to use for the hunts while you hunt coyotes over bait.