Coyote Hunting Gear List

Hunting for coyote’s should be a well-planned and prepared for adventure just like all other hunting expeditions. Failing to plan and checking your gear could turn your hunting into frustrations in the wilderness while other people are enjoying their hunting. Always think about what you will carry and most importantly ensure your rifle is in perfect working conditions.

Essential Gear

Firstly, it’s important to consider your safety first before checking on what probably will give you lots of fun during the hunt. Thus, take all precautions while dealing with firearms and wild animals as you can have unexpected reactions from a wounded animal. Besides, coyotes just like other animals are susceptible to diseases, as such, use caution against such disease by wearing gloves when handling them.

Second, on your list, check on what laws govern the state you are hunting to avoid yourself getting on the wrong side of the law. Make sure you are acutely aware of all the laws governing hunting in the state as ignorance is not a defense.

The third item on your list should be water, always carry enough water not only for drinking purposes but also for cleaning. One can never exhaust list all the uses of water while in the wilderness. Besides, it’s always good to caution yourself against any emergencies likely to happen while in remote areas. As such, carry as much water as possible while going for hunting to ensure you are cautioned against any emergencies.

The fourth item on the list should be packing of foodstuffs. While going for hunting, it is important you carry enough food especially seeds and nuts. For instance, in the event, something went wrong high-calorie foods would keep you alive for a long time. Additionally, hunting in cold temperatures will require replacing the lost energy to avoid exhaustion continuously.

The fifth item to consider carrying during your coyote hunting trip is enough gas for your car or bike. It is important to mark your route you hunting grounds and calculate the mileage to ensure you carry what would take you there and back. Besides, it’s also you mark gas stations along the route to ensure you are cautioned in the event of any eventuality.

The sixth item to check on your list is a fire starter. In case something went wrong while on the hunt for coyotes and you are required to spend a night out in the cold, the fire starter would useful to ensure you are safe and warm.

The seventh item to consider is getting a fully equipped first aid kit. Anything can happen while in the wildness and at such times you would appreciate the usefulness of the equipment. Always check before leaving your house that the kit is fully equipped and everything is functional.

The eight-item on the list is ensuring you have told someone of the hunting expedition beforehand. Have two copies of a google map and mark out the route and the area you are likely to extend your hunting. Such a measure will ensure you can get help in case something went wrong while on the hunting trip, it’s a backup plan.

Discussed above are the basic items you should consider while going out for any hunting trip. Now below is your checklist precisely designed for the hunting of coyotes.

Hunting Checklist

With the advancement of technology in nearly all aspects of life, hunting has been made simpler with the use of decoys which act as bait. The decoy could be rabbits, coyotes and other motion decoys, which often attract coyotes.

Since coyotes are social animals, they often desire attraction from their peers making them easy to target with the use of coyote decoys. During their breeding periods, decoys play a pivotal role in the attraction of coyotes. Additionally, consider mounting a rabbit or any small animal decoy to ensure the decoy is as attractive as possible.

Next item to consider for your coyote hunting is getting a nice customized coyote call. Getting calls that have been tested and proved effective should be your next priority, as coyotes are known to respond to calls owing to their social nature.

However, if you are a seasoned hunter you need to perfect your calls in response to different situation coyotes are likely to face. Besides, improve the calls on how to attract males and females. Thus, shop around for the best calling gear to avoid frustrations.

Although coyotes are social animals, they rely heavily on their eyesight and can detect movements from long distances. For this reason, getting the right clothing for camouflage purposes is imperative. Concealing yourself tight also could mark the difference between your success in the hunt or a failure. As such, ensure you are properly concealed without leaving out on your gun.

If you are hunting during winter, get the right camouflage gear, and you will have an excellent hunting expedition. While hunting in snow make sure you keep warm and get concealed not only from your prey, but also harsh conditions.

Coyotes are relatively small animals that easily blend with their surroundings. As such, finding them requires you to have a keen eye and a good gun. Getting a good binocular should also be top of your list as what you will be necessary to have extra eyes to ensure nothing misses your keen eye. Besides, a suitable riflescope is a must have if you are looking forward to having that one clear shot.

A powerful binocular is thus very essential in the hunt as you are required to make continuous scans to pick up any distant movements. In addition to a binocular, a good long range riflescope is very useful. A rifle scope gets you a clear shot on a coyote ensuring you do not miss on any shot. The two accessories are useful to eliminate any second guessing and ensuring you have clear shots no matter the distance.

Finally always carry a compass, a map, a knife, an extra gun, and possibly pack a sleeping bag in case something goes wrong and you are required to sleep outside.