Best Canada Goose Coyote Fur

Canada Goose is a Canadian clothing company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of quality outdoor attire. The clothes have coyote fur on the hoods of their parkas. It is this use of coyote fur in their clothes that for some reason has attracted lots of criticism. Some critics have argued the company hunts coyotes to slaughter them for their fur.

However, the company has an elaborate policy on fur, which seeks to protect all animals and advocates for collecting dropped fur. The majority of the critics have gone ahead to critique the policy just to sway the public from believing anything said by the company. Nonetheless, the company buys fur from hunters who collect coyote fur from places in the North America where coyote fur is abundant. Also, the company advocates for the rights of animals by ensuring fur from illegally hunted animals is never bought. In fact, such corrupt hunters are turned in to the authorities for further investigation and possible prosecution.

The company has a waterproof policy that ensures only ethically sourced fur is used in making of their products. As a company, we believe in fair treatment of all animals in life and death. Hence, the statement that the company makes use of illegally acquired fur is a lie and no one should believe. Therefore, every fur brought to the company is carefully screened to establish its authenticity. Animal materials should be properly sourced and utilized and not just source them for the selfish gain of enriching oneself. As such, the company does not entertain the mistreatment and neglect of animals or injury to get the fur.

The stylish Canada Goose parka sell like hot cake in winter for their ability to keep you warm and their appealing look. It is for these reasons; the company has implemented a traceability program that weeds out the use of fur from unknown sources. It is inhumane to accept fur from animals that have been subjected to unfair treatment. There have been cases where people have domesticated coyotes in unsafe places just to kill them their fur. As such, any fur you bring to the company is traced to its source to protect the rights of the animals.

Canada Goose lucidity program is so elaborate to ensure fur is traced throughout its value addition process or traced from the source to the factory. The audit is conducted by internationally recognized technicians that are none partisan in the trade just to protect the life of coyotes. You cannot just pluck birds feathers and fur from animals and bring it to the company and expect to make easy money out of it.

For these reasons and the cunning nature of some hunters, the company came up with a five-point policy program. All the fur and feathers must adhere to all the policies and standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health. Besides, other relevant policies are observed to ensure domesticated animals are also protected. As such, Canada Goose coyote fur products are protected and have passed all authenticity tests before they hit the shelves.

The company has developed comprehensive, transparent standards to support ethical and responsible sourcing and use of real coyote fur. Canada Goose coyote fur is authentic beyond any doubt, and anyone spreading false news about the source of our fur should visit the company and get the facts right on the source of fur.

Transparency and traceability programs are elaborate enough to cover the source of fur and their value addition programs. All the international policies and standards set on animal protection are observed by the company to ensure you get the best authentic coyote fur clothes in the market. We surely do not advocate for the death of animals just to sustain our business.  Our standard certificates are up to date, and we issue official certificates from our fur farms. Fur from endangered animals or animals that have been illegally killed does not find its way in out factory. Only American regulated trappers are allowed to bring their fur which is also audited. Hence, feel free to buy any of our products as it is safe to use.