Baiting a Coyote – Best Coyote Call

This article will outline some tips that you can use as a Coyote Hunter to lure Coyote and the best top equipment you can use.

Coyote Hunting Tips

Best Coyote Call

How to Set Yourself Up

You have to sit on the floor and feel comfortable and like a sniper hidden for special operations. Remember a coyote sees even better during the night as it was built entirely to see clear even on the darkest nights. If you hunting in the night then hunt the bait with your light gun mounted in Coyote safe to hide from the deck, just as you will normally do during the day.

The Correct Positioning Of the Bait Pile

You need to know the terrain as you will be using to put your bait pile. You should know that proper placement of the bait pile could mean the difference between catching the predator or going back to your truck with your head down in defeat.

Do Not Call at Bait Pile

If you are hunting and you have shot or trapped a coyote, you should get up straight away and get your Coyote as quickly and silently as possible and bring it to your truck. Calling at a bait pile is something that most hunters do, this can be effective at times, but if everything is not perfect, it can quickly disclose your whereabouts or deter a coyote from entering the trap, also leaving the coyote in the field and will deter other Coyotes hence ruining your chances of catching more Coyotes.

Best Coyote Calling Devices

1. Inferno FOXPRO

Inferno FOXPRO

This device has 75 calls of predators, which means you have plenty of opportunities to win coyotes and make them see you. Weighs only eight pounds, this means you will be able to carry it and move with it with lots of ease, because of its greater mobility. Also, since it can be easily activated with a remote control from afar distance, you are free from being easily spotted by the Coyotes. FoxPro calls are first class, and the audio is realistic, and you can add about 200 total sounds.

2. Primos Alfa Dogg

Primos Alfa Dogg

Personally I love this device as it has all the best features that will help all the hunters in a device of this type. It has a little higher price tag which means it will cost you more, but you can be sure to have something that will give you much better results.


  • It contains a so-called unique hunting expert feature that comes in six unique varieties.
  • Allows you to view the audio played/emitted on a high resolution LCD
  • Uninterrupted advanced communication system that has no distortions
  • It is powered by 25 amp watts with a siren speaker system according to the front, a remote functionality up to 200 meters away.
  • Hold up to 75 different animal sounds for excellent adaptability and versatility in the hunting area
  • High quality audio with its excellent two-cone speakers that are easily adjustable
  • A memory of 2 GB, which can offer more than 1,000 tons of different prey.

Why buy?

  • A 75 unique sounds of animals that are organized, which can be increased up to 1000, with two gigabytes of memory.
  • In the role of expert search and innovative engineers created to provide greater versatility, functionality and comfort of the area.
  • Full sound system with two speaker cone, one speaker horn, a distance of 200 yards and 25 watts.

3. West Rivers Stalker 360

West Rivers Stalker 360

Do you want a device that offers maximum versatility and ultimate control at your fingertips? Then you will buy these devices as it has all the features, just to help you get all that.


  • Calling can be up to 300 yards long
  • Speakers rotate independently and can be set so that they emit different tones.
  • In partial sounds, which provides a wide selection of calls, sequences and for different species
  • The remote control is intuitive with easy-to-understand icons.
  • The remote control can operate up to 250 meters

4. Icotec GC300

Icotec GC300

This is for all predator hunters out there as this device offers versatility and also is budget friendly, it is the least expensive calling device for any Coyote hunter, I recommend it to all hunters.


  • A built-in 12 calls contain many grunts of adult bobcats and coyotes barking a male and female coyote, small creatures, small howls of coyotes, and many needy prey that can test their territory.
  • It can be used to improve your drawing possibilities in the provided coyote bait.
  • Automatically starts 30 seconds after completing the vocalizations.
  • 300 yards for your remote control

Why buy?

  • It is an easy to use device, since you can start with just pressing a switch. This means that you do not have to remember the complete sequences of numbers, as they occur in other similar devices.
  • You can call several animals in the first hours of use.
  • It works well and comes with a realistic price.
  • It works in all adverse conditions, including cold weather, snow, rain, etc.

5. Johnny Stewart Premium Mouth Call

Johnny Stewart CYC-1 Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call

Do you hate Electronics Gadgets? If so, then this is the device for you. It is versatile, cheap and I mean cheap and, most importantly, is a very good Coyote caller than you might think.


  • Weighs only three pounds
  • It can be used to imitate different voices, such as barking, distress sounds and howls

Why buy?

  • It was built to meet the needs of veterans’ hunters, while in a way that is for users who are fresh to the game as it is easy to use.
  • It saves you pocket space by reducing calls as you use coyotes each trip.
  • Many hunters have used it successfully to hunt the bear, fox and lynx


It is my hope that this article has been able to shade some guidelines to you about Coyote Hunting and some of the devices you can use for Coyote calling. You can do more research to find what exactly type of gadget you may need depending on your type of hunting.