Where to Get a Coyote Pelt

Local hunters/buyers

Local buyers and hunters are the most knowledgeable and convenient sources of authentic coyote pelt. The two have exclusive knowledge of the actual source of coyote pelt and will get you the pelt at an affordable price compared to other sources. Local buyers get their pelt from the local hunters and know who engages in illegal hunting and how does not.

Besides, the local buyers will not only sell the pelt but will give you techniques on how to handle fur and store the pelt to maintain its quality. Most of the local hunters and buyers are willing to share such information to ensure you get high your pelts retain their quality.

Some of the local buyers in California are willing to buy whole coyotes or green pelts to extract it themselves. Hence, you are always assured of quality pelt with minimal holes if any at all. Green pelts, on the other hand, refer to wet skin which is not dried and fleshed. However, be cautioned of buying whole animals as they easily go band releasing a bad stench, making it an expensive venture for you.

Finally buying the pelts from local buyers and sellers assures you of reasonable prices, as opposed to other types of sellers. Besides, if you choose the whole animal, you have fur to sell as opposed to buying already processed pelts which have no fur. It is for these reasons that make local hunters and sellers a good source of pelt as they can get extra cash from fur.

Travelling buyers

If traveling to upcountry to get the pelt from hunters and local buyers is not convenient, you can wait for traveling buyers to get to you. The traveling buyers offer a convenient, reliable source though at an extra price. You can book an appointment with the buyer to visit you and deliver the pelts right at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can visit them at their selling points on their scheduled dates.

Ordinarily, traveling buyers work to deliver their pelts to huge companies capable of buying all their merchandise. However, when they sell only a few pieces, they may give you a higher price quotation than the local hunters and buyers as they have to factor in the cost of transport.

Mail sellers

Mail sellers advertise their products in local magazines and sell by mailing the products directly to you. It is a convenient way of sourcing for pelts as it will save you on time and the cost of driving around as your source of the pelt. However, you are not able to inspect for the quality of the pelt before making the actual purchase. The mail sellers may give you a few days before you accept the offer, within which you can mail back the pelts.

Mail sellers hardly charge a commission for their hides, besides some of the trappers sell their products through this avenue, making it a cheap source. Some of the sellers offer to cater for shipping costs just to ensure their prices are considerably low.

Pelt auctions

Pelt auctions are not a common phenomenon in the urban dwellings; the auctions are common in the rural areas. Depending on the location of the auction it may be inconvenient to source for your pelts in the auctions. During auctions, you may not be able to get time to inspect the quality of the pelt you are buying, which could translate to losses for your enterprise. Besides, price tends to be considerably high in the auction as compared to the other sources of the pelt. Prices in Auctions are controlled by brokers who want to get profits at the expense of buyers who are in business. Unless one is in a hurry to get pelts, auctions are not the best of places to get your pelt due to quality issues and the pricing.