Best Spotlight for Hunting

Introduction to Spotlighting

Spotlighting, alternatively called lamping, is a widely practiced hunting method that utilizes the intense lights from spotlights, lamps and flashlights to bewilder and overwhelm nocturnal prey, causing it to freeze and make for an easy target. In essence, this effect is similar to the temporary flash of blindness we human’s experience when exposed to sudden bursts of light but considerably magnified due to the nature of these nocturnal animals. Spending the majority of their time awake at night, their eyes become very accustomed to low-light conditions. That, coupled with their natural physiological eye differences compared to that of a human, such as larger and far more dilated pupils, magnifies the stunning effect of light on them, causing their eyes to oversaturate on a much more massive scale, effectively pinning them down.

Another important aspect of spotlighting, is how many animal species exhibit eyeshine in night time conditions when targeted by intense light – which facilitates the hunting process further for human hunters, as prey becomes much easier to spot. This is due to an extra layer of tissue in their eyes, called tapetum lucidum. It considerably increases their ability to see in the dark or dim light, effectively acting as a reflective surface or a mirror that bounces back the light a second time so that it does transmit information to their brain.

Spotlighting Technique

As expected, human hunters have been exploiting their prey’s sensitivity to light fully to their advantage. More often than not, the practice of spotlighting is coupled with the use of an off-road vehicle, that is capable of driving both on and off paved or gravel surfaces for maximum flexibility. Usually, both spotting prey and shooting it happen without ever leaving the moving vehicle. Even though an experienced hunter is perfectly capable of solo spotlight hunting, it is much more efficient and effective to go in groups of three, with each person dedicated and focused to a single task: Driving, spotting and shooting respectively.

Now, before venturing forth to a spotlighting trip, it is highly important and obligatory to stress that not all countries or states have the same hunting laws. One would be well advised to research the matter beforehand to ensure that they are well within their lawful rights. Moreover, shooting in the dark can be dangerous so scanning the area beforehand for nearby human settlements is mandatory. In case there are inhabitants, it would be best to inform them of your intentions, to save yourself any unnecessary trouble.

On the practical side of things, before you start your hunting trip, there are a few things you should check beforehand: You should always carry an extra battery or two for your spotlight, as it is quite the bummer to cut a trip short due to it giving out early. You should always have your gun set and ready beforehand, as it is quite silly to try to do that after you’ve spotted your prey. Perhaps most importantly, make sure you have had some shooting practice: Using an overly powerful rifle means nothing if you are unable to reliably hit your targets with it. Finally, make sure you follow the proper hunter’s ethics. Hunting is no simple game. You’re taking life away, so make sure you do it the right way.

Best Spotlight for Hunting

Now, we have to be perfectly honest with you: If you were to ask twenty different hunters about the best spotlight, you would more than likely get twenty, different answers. This is largely a matter of personal preference. There are many color varieties, and each product is bound to have some pros and cons. Ultimately, you should experiment to find what best suits you.

However, we cannot just let you keep hanging and wondering on what to choose. So we are going to present your our recommended choices for the best spotlight for hunting. Both of the following products have been tried and stood true. They are of a high quality and they will definitely give you a big bang for your buck.

Kohree: 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED Coyote Hunting Light K111Lm Mining Headlamp Lighting 20Hours with 4 Optical Filters, 10W, 11000 mAh

Kohree 80000Lux Cree XML U2 LED Coyote Hunting Light K111Lm Mining Headlamp Lighting 20Hours with 4 Optical Filters, 10W, 11000 mAh

This product is designed so that you can wear it on your head, effectively illuminating wherever you’re turning your gaze at. Thus, it is more suited for those who are planning to go on a hunt by themselves and have to multitask, keeping their hands free. It has a considerable range, reaching all the way up to three hundred meters far and features four different modes of lighting: Working at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of its maximum capacity respectively. This makes the lamp highly versatile and able to work fine both in complete darkness or the dimness of moonlight. It is surprisingly lightweight, and its battery is more than capable of taking you through a hunting trip: The downside is that it takes a while to fully recharge, taking roughly eighteen hours. Perhaps most importantly for those on a tight budget, the product is also very wallet-friendly. Considering how you save 63% of its initial due to it being on a huge sale at the moment, you should honestly get it ASAP. It is quite the bargain, and goes toe to toe with many other much more expensive lamps.

Streamlight: 44911 Waypoint Spotlight with 120-Volt AC Charger, Black

Streamlight 44911 Waypoint Spotlight with 120-Volt AC Charger, Black

By design, Streamlight’s lamp has to be held in a pistol-grip: It is thus best left for those who are planning to hunt in groups. This is an extremely durable product, shockproof and waterproof up two meters of submersion for a period of thirty minutes. Its lithium ion battery has a five hour life and is fully rechargeable in four short hours, it is lightweight enough to be comfortable in your hand, and it is capable of producing extreme brightness in the form of a long range targeting beam. It sports three different modes, high, medium and low: At peak intensity it reaches 678 meters, at medium it goes up to 490 meters and at low, it maxes on 200 meters. All in all this is very solid product, beautiful in design, sturdy in durability and highly effective in power output. It is highly recommended for those who plan to hunt in groups.