Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

When it comes to hunting coyotes, the job isn’t as easy as you may think. Coyotes are one of the most clever animals in the wild, they are quite crafty which makes hunting them more of an art. Tracking them down isn’t easy so that is why we recommend you take man’s best friend with you. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can really lend a hand when it comes to hunting coyotes. Here are the best coyote hunting dogs that you should consider taking on your next trip.

hunting dogAmerican Staghound

Not your typical dog, the American Staghound is a cross-breed between a greyhound and Scottish deerhound. Why are they so special when it comes to hunting coyotes? Well, they have the features that make them a perfect fit for hunting predators. They have an exceptional eyesight and a keen sense of smell. This makes them the perfect companion for any hunting trip especially when it comes to wolves and coyotes. These dogs have long legs and are fairly powerful, even though they may not look it. Which means they can run fast and have great stamina so they can easily keep up with coyotes.

This breed of dog makes a wonderful pet, however, if you plan on keeping it in a home with other animals, you should be aware. The American Staghound have the hunting instinct engraved into them, so they may cause a bit of havoc.

Plott Hound

Plott Hounds are known for their hunting skills. Initially used to hunt boars, these dogs are wonderful for hunting predators like coyotes also. They are built for the hunt with a lean, muscular body which allows them to overpower smaller predators. They are also fairly quick, but may not have as much stamina as the American Staghound. In either case, this breed is quite loyal and doesn’t really back down from a fight. Making them a great option for your next coyote hunting trip.


When it comes to hunting, you need a dog that is quick and can run for miles. A Greyhound does just that. Greyhounds are generally known as racing dogs but they can also be used as hunting dogs. They tend to be not quite skinny, but don’t let that fool you. They are muscular and strong, one of the reasons why they can run for so long. Not only are they fast but also have an eagle like eye-sight which allows them to spot coyotes from afar and go after them. Greyhounds max out at around 40 mph which means they can easily outrun coyotes and help you hunt them down.

Coyote Hunting Dogs

Mountain View Cur

A crossbreed, the Mountain View Cur is generally a mountain breed, however, differs from other mountain breed dogs. This breed doesn’t come with the instinct for hunting like the American Staghound but they are quite clever and have a high level of self-control. This allows you to train it to be a great hunting dog. Even though the dog doesn’t grow to be that big, they are known to hunt raccoons and wild boars amongst other wild animals. You may need to spend a little extra time training the Mountain View Cur to hunt, but we guarantee that it will be worth it.

Black Mouth Cur

On your hunt, you probably want a dog that is full of energy and can easily track and hunt coyotes. The Black Mouth Cur fits that description well. These dogs are probably the best built in the sense that they are muscular and have a lean body as compared to the other dogs mentioned. They are great for hunting rodents like raccoons. You can just as easily train it to help you on your hunt for coyotes. This breed has high stamina levels and enjoys running around in the wild. Which means that when you take it out on your hunt, you can expect it to be restless until it catches something.

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for a reason. They are not only loyal but also make a wonderful hunting partner. So why not take one of these dogs with you on your next coyote hunting trip. It would certainly save you time, you won’t have to spend time on a trap as the dog will help you track a coyote down. If not for you to hunt, the dog will do it on its own, which makes these dogs a wonderful option in farms to protect it from coyote attacks.