Hunting Pack List

Hunting is fun, especially when it is legal and becomes a sort of entertainment when it comes with a competition organized with dedicated prize. Coyote hunting has become a routine thing for many hunting enthusiasts in the United States and the government is actively promoting the killing of coyote. This article sheds light on the hunting pack list when it comes to coyote hunting.

The coyotes are omnivorous animals that reside in the neighbourhoods and can feed on nearly anything. The term “anything” is dangerous, as simple it seems, because coyotes can eat puppies, cats, snakes, and even attack humans. More dangerous is the fact that this species are increasing in number and populating the urban areas making the life of people difficult. Coyotes can be seen roaming in the park and can encounter with children or other domestic animals. It is important to clarify that coyotes are not domestic, but wild animals.

Since they are dangerous and pose a threat to livestock, US agencies regularly kill around 80,000 coyotes annually. In addition, professional and leisure hunters kill around 320,000 coyotes annually on farms. If you would like to become a professional hunter, hunting coyotes could be a thrilling activity, which enables you to use various tools for killing animals. So, what would your regular hunting packing list look like?

It is important to choose the right kind of gear for hunting predators. Some of the useful tools, accessories, and hunting tips to hunt coyotes are listed below:

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Essential gear

You should identify the ideal location for hunting and carry all the essentials such as tent, clothing, and food for days; water, mosquito repellents and other basic things that you would need but may not be available in the forest. It is always good to carry as much water as possible. Among the essentials, also include enough fuel for your car so that it lasts longer. In addition, do not forget to collect firelighters so that if such a situation arises, you should be able to spend the night in the forest among the wild animals.


You can use many weapons to kill coyotes. Savage Edge XP (.243 Win) is an entry-level rifle with a barrel mounting system that ensures accuracy. It has a detachable magazine that makes unloading and loading easier. Then there is Center Venture Predator (.22) with a new bolt – action and is the favourite among the coyote hunters. Another one, which is good for hunting coyote, is Rock River Arms, a 16-inch barrel carbine and is regarded as a specialized rifle to kill the pack of coyote with aim selection and effortless shooting.  Ensure that you have necessary amount of bullets and other ammunitions to kill the animals. Apart from rifles and bullets, a hunter must pack bow, string, front stabilizer, back stabilizer, arrows, quiver, and other related equipment that will be helpful in killing the predator from the distance without making the noise.


It is important to carry a camera, binoculars, and other optics for far reaching visions. Besides, use riflescope such as Vortex Viper that enables the hunter to reach out for predators and offers various styles and modes of shooting at the predator without getting notices. Other hunters, interested in capturing the moments may carry a camera and click pictures of the predators, before and after the kill.


While hunting, the primary thing is that a hunter should is not to be visible to predator and that the kill happens without the notice of anybody. Camouflage types of dresses are good for hunters so that they can blend in the environment and location and can deceive the prey. The hunter should also include all other dress essentials such as tops, bottoms, socks, hat, and belt, including gloves that can batter both rain and sun. The clothing gear should also include sunglasses, footwear, leg gaiter, poles, arm sleeves to protect from insects and other bites.

Other Gears

The hunter should pack glassing pad, archery backups for release, nock, sight tape, stuff sack, and GPS devices to identify location. You should set the location right. Other essential items include:

  • Chap stick
  • Wind check device
  • Knife for multipurpose activities
  • Face paint for deceiving the predator
  • Hunting license that to be shown in case
  • Forest offices ask
  • Game bags that include bomb packs
  • Water purification sachets
  • Satellite messenger to send emergency messages
  • Extra batteries for camera, torch and
  • Cell phone to be in touch with the outside world

General Kit

Apart from dressing, weapons and ammunitions, the hunting pack list must include safety gears such as headlamp, flashlight, first aid and toilet paper. The first aid kit must include bandage, medicine, and some relief injections. Since one cannot hope to survive on forest food for the whole time, it is necessary to carry cooking kit such as pot, stove, few utensils, cooking fuel and fire lighter. In order to survive for the whole period of hunting, one should contain breakfast content, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner and other health drinks to stay active and healthy in the forest.

The hunting pack list mentioned above is deliberative but not exhaustive as there are lots things that you can add. However, the above pack list includes all the necessary items that every hunter must have while going on hunting.

Take advantage of careful planning

Hunting should be well-planned and one should prepare well before stepping out. You should always carry the basic items that will be required to at least survive for days and be safe apart from possessing weapons to kill the predator. It is necessary that hunters know the trick to hunt coyotes as they are very flexible and move very fast, making it very difficult for the hunter to kill the predator.

The coyotes are increasingly becoming very dangerous and a big threat to livestock and people. The hunting pack list described above contains essential tools and accessories that you may need for a successful hunting experience. For more information on coyote hunting, visit