The Small Tactical Knife You Need for A Good Hunt

It is obvious that the first step to choosing a knife is to decide on the purpose of the knife. If you need a small tactical knife for coyote hunting, you make the first step toward choosing the perfect knife. However, you need to consider other factors when you choose a small tactical knife, especially if it is for hunting.

The Handle

You have to eliminate all the knives that might not suit your purpose based on the handle. The handle is a very crucial part for a tactical knife. You need a handle that provides a good and comfortable grip without deteriorating in your hand. Tactical knives are made from a wide array of materials. The manufacturer could have used wood, leather, nylon, and polymer, plastic, rubbery plastic and other types of materials.

If you have sweaty hands or you are going to an area that is wet, say the mountains, there are handles you might not want to take with you. For instance, knives with bone handles are prone to breakage while leather handles get slippery when wet. A wooden handle might also not be preferable if you are in a wet area. To ensure the knife feels sturdy, heavy and firm in your hand, you should choose a small tactical knife with a rubber or polymer handle.

The blade

Speaking of the environment that you will be in, consider the material that makes the blade. You do not want a knife that will lose its sharpness within the first day of hunting. Furthermore, the last thing that you want is a knife that will rust or require very high maintenance to avoid rust. The type of steel used in making your small tactical knife is essential. You have to choose from carbon steel, stainless steel and carbon stainless steel. The last option, high carbon stainless steel, is the best option because it is a hybrid of the first two. It does not rust very easily and it is strong and sturdy. The main disadvantage is that most of the knives made of carbon steel are quite expensive.

Of the remaining two, the carbon steel knife has higher chances of rusting than the stainless steel knife. However, it is also sharpened easily, cheaper, durable and rugged. A stainless steel knife is a perfect make for a small tactical knife because it does not require as much attention. It is a bit harder to sharpen but it is a preferable tactical and hunting knife.

The design

Another feature to consider is the tang design used in making the knife. The tang is the steel part of the knife. A full tang runs from the tip of the knife and through the handle to the other end of the knife. A half tang only runs from the tip of the knife to the point where the handle starts.  A full tang is preferable to a half tang. A full tang ensures the knife is firm and unbreakable. If you are hunting, you definitely want the full tang. You do not want the knife breaking in half when you are halfway cutting though your games bone.

The type of knife

Another aspect to consider when shopping for a small tactical knife is type of a hunting knife you want. Choosing between a fixed blade knife and a folder knife is crucial. Folder knives are easier to carry; however, fixed blade knives are reliable, stronger and cheaper. Besides you can choose a fixed blade knife for a small tactical knife and buy a knife sheath to ease carrying it around.

The following is a list of small tactical knives to consider.

  1. Fallkniven Tre Kronor Fixed Blade Knife, 4IN, Laminate Powder Steel Blade 3 Crown

Fallkniven Tre Kronor Fixed Blade Knife 4in Laminate Powder Steel

The Fallkniven Tre Kronor is a high quality small tactical knife made from the combination of 3 types of steel. Its convex edge and 3G steel alloy combination makes it strong and reliable. It does not require constant sharpening due to its retention and toughness ability. The rubber-like feel of the handle comes for the thermorun elastomer used to make the handle making the knife handle resistant to weather changes, heat aging or chemical damage. The Fallkniven Tre Kronor is a small fixed blade knife that can serve the hunter all his life with good maintenance. However, it does not come with a sheath; you have to purchase a sheath separately. It costs more but it is worth the consideration.

  1. Benchmade – Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016 Knife Drop – Point


The Benchmade – Hidden Canyon Hunter is another fixed blade knife which is a good choice for a small tactical knife. It is made of durable materials starting with the premium American made premium steel to the glass reinforced G10 handle. The premium steel is provided stability and excellent edge qualities. It is corrosion resistant. The knife remains razor sharp with minimal sharpening requirements.

The handle is also moisture resistant and the knife can maintain stability under a variety of temperatures. Hence, the user is assured of a good grip even in wet conditions. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty from Benchmade and a free sheath. Note that the belt loop on the sheath is positioned horizontally. However, it comes at a pocket friendly price so you can always purchase an alternative sheath if you find the horizontal position uncomfortable.  The knife is no more than 6.32 inches making it a perfect small tactical knife.

  1. RUI 19542 Mohican III Lock knife

The RUI Mohican is an excellent choice for a small tactical knife. If you would prefer a folder knife, this is an excellent choice. It is 7.5cms with an overall 17.5 length. However, it is made stainless steel with a good level of strength, blade retention and durability. In order to prevent corrosion, it has a titanium coating.

It has a reliable lock system and the handle has white dots to amplify visibility of the knife in dark conditions. The knife comes with a high density nylon pouch. The tactical knife is appropriate for hunting due to its leaf camo green camouflage colour.  The aluminium rubber coated handle also ensures that it can be used in moist conditions. The RUI Mohican is a perfect small tactical knife for a good hunt.