Using a Hunting GPS to Hunt Coyotes

If used properly, technology can make your hunting trip more eventful than you think. In today’s world, you can’t really run from technology so why not employ it to assist you. You don’t have to go all out, just something as small as using a GPS device can make a huge impact on your hunting trip. A GPS device allows you to easily navigate through an area as it shows your location in relations to your surrounding. So utilizing it can make your hunting trip much smoother.

Hunting GPS


If you are hunting in a location that is unfamiliar to you then you can use a GPS to help you scout the area. You can mark your starting point on the GPS and allow it to track your trail. This will also help you trace your steps back to the spot you started from. Along your way, you can mark different locations that you feel would be fruitful for you to explore. The GPS will allow you to go back to this position, while mental pictures help in scouting, using a GPS ensures you get back to the exact position without any issues for further investigations.

A great thing about this option is that you can also save these locations for later use. So if you have had a successful hunting trip at a certain location, you can save it and on your next trip trace your steps back to it.

Setting lure and traps

With a GPS, you can easily set more than one lure and trap in an area. Hunting coyotes are not easy and usually, if you just set up one trap or lure it takes time to catch one. Why not increase your chances by using more than one trap or lure. Using your GPS, you can mark exactly where you set the trap or lure and go check on it from time to time. We recommend that the distance between the two or more traps is not too far so you can easily track it. To make it easier, you can even set it up just far enough that you can easily use binoculars to scout each location from one point.

Not getting lost

Hunting in the wild can be quite a scare, especially if you are not familiar with the location. Getting lost is easy, so it is important you take note of your track. With a GPS, you don’t really need to, the device does it for you. It will mark your starting point and track your every movement so you know where you are going and how to get back. This ensures you don’t get lost or even if you do, you will know your way back. Making you more relaxed on your trip and allowing you to focus on hunting rather than the possibility of getting lost.

There are numerous different handheld GPS that are available. From expensive to cheap ones, as long as the GPS has a tracking and marking option, it should do the trick. The more expensive ones have additional features like geocaching and built-in camera so if you feel you don’t need those then a cheaper one would be sufficient. Even if you don’t want to go with a GPS most smartphones will also do the trick. You can download apps that allow you to track your location and work like a GPS would. So rather than just going out in the wild, go prepared next time. You will notice what a big difference it makes when you go prepared.