Parker Crossbows Review

Parker is a popular compound bow and crossbow manufacturer based in the United States. They have a wide selection of compound bows and nine crossbows available on their online store.


Although the company has only been in business since 2002, they have surely left their mark and set a new standard for the industry. Their revolutionary crossbows feature automatic cocking features for convenience and quicker reload times. Recent times have seen Parker redefine tactical crossbows with innovative features and high quality performance for advanced users.

Let’s dive into the Parker crossbow product line and check out the four best crossbow the company has on the market.

Hurricane XXTreme

Rush Creek Creations REALTREE Crossbow and 10 Arrow Bow Rack - 4 Minute AssemblyThe Hurricane XXTreme is a heavy duty crossbow which utilizes new crossbow technology to shatter past beliefs on crossbow performance and build. Parker’s Xtreme Xbow Technology (XXT) is a combination of inverted cams, split limb array, cavity-back riser and HP synergy cams which sets the new standard for speed, noiseless operation, easy cocking. With the features of the Huricane XXTreme, it’s really a surprise to the crossbow so light (8.9 lbs).

The crossbow also features a QuickGrip moveable forearm (up to 4.5 inches) to offer added comfort when taking position in a treestand or groundblind. The Hurricane XXTreme comes with Parker’s proprietary and preinstalled Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) which help in reducing noises, allowing for total concealment in wooded areas.

Parker is well-known for producing high quality bows and crossbows, and it’s apparent that the manufacturer didn’t skimp out with the Hurricane XXTreme model. When holding onto this military-style crossbow, you can feel the quality materials put into the build. However, with quality comes cost, so you should expect to pay around US$2,000 for the unit, but it’s definitely worth it for advanced shooters and hunters.

With the company’s proprietary cam technology and split limb design, you’ll find that this compact 15.375-inch (axle to axle length) crossbow comes with XXtreme power. Bolts fire at 380 FPS (feet per second) so you know that when firing the crossbow, you’re shooting to kill.


The Hurricane XXTreme is designed to fit people of all shapes and sizes with its adjustable AR-styled stock and moveable forearm, allowing the stock to increase or decrease in length, making it more comfortable to hold. Similar to all Parker products, the Hurricane XXTreme’s balance is in the middle. This offers much more comfort to users compared to other crossbows from competing companies who focus the weight of the crossbow near the riser which limits movement range and maneuverability.

The bottom line with the Hurricane XXTreme is that it is a compact, lightweight crossbow which maneuvers easily but also packs a huge punch against large game. The military/camo design of the crossbow also helps blend the hunter into woody areas, and complete concealment is possible since the Hurricane XXTreme is XXTremely silent when firing.

Tornado XXTreme

The Tornado XXTreme is a slightly less powerful and cheaper model compared to the Hurricane XXTreme, although users will find that the crossbow performs extremely well in the woods. Many of the features are the same as the Hurricane XXTreme. Upon purchasing this unit, you will find it disassembled and separated into three parts, but putting the crossbow together is a cinch.


The Tornado XXTreme is free of vibrations, making for more accurate aiming and shot, in spite of its 118 lbs of recoil and 95 decibel reading. The quiet performance of this crossbow is thanks to its superior design, quality components, and superior engineering. Assembly will also play a part in decreasing noise, so make sure that you assemble the unit according to its instructions.

The overall drawback of several of Parker’s crossbow product line is that they don’t include a cocking device which ultimately makes cocking and reloading a little bit of a hassle. In addition, despite its lightweight for staying planted in one spot, moving around with a 8.9 lbs crossbow is a lot harder than you think.

The bottom line is with the Tornado XXTreme, you can expect precision aiming, quiet shooting, and powerful shots. This is the type of crossbow that a new user could purchase and not have many difficulties with. This military-styled crossbow is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for hunting gear.


The Ambusher by Parker is another lightweight, compact and heavy duty crossbow used for hunting deer, bears, and even just target practice. It features an adjustable draw weight of between 135 and 160 lbs without using additional tools or parts. The 7.1 lbs crossbow is easy to handle, allowing for more prevision aiming.


The Ambusher comes with the standard stirrup which fits any size boots you have on. The adjustable 135 lbs draw weight and a short power stroke of only 11.25 inches means you will have no trouble at all cocking new bolts. After cocking, you won’t need to trigger an anti dry-fire mechanism because the device does it for you automatically. This is an added safety feature which prevents dry fire but also keeps you from injuring yourself when cocking.

The Ambusher was designed for virtually anybody – from amateurs just getting into the hunting and shooting game, to veterans on the lookout for the latest crossbow to add to their collections. However, Parker also offers the Ambusher Pink for our lady friends who can take up crossbow-hunting and shooting.

The bottom line is that this crossbow is an enjoyable piece of hunting weaponry for all sorts of people. The adjustability features of arrow speed and length means that it can adapt to the stature of any person. At only 7.1 lbs, the Ambusher can easily be moved from place to place.