Tomahawk Traps Review

Tomahawk has become a well-known manufacturing company in the animal control industry. Their products are widely used by professionals, educators, rescue groups, animal control agencies, and pest control companies. This US brand has taken the world by storm by providing top tier animal cages and traps for various kinds of pests.

Tomahawk is mostly known for producing traps for animals such as snakes, raccoons and larger animals like coyotes. If you’re in the market for a traditional but effective animal trap, then Tomahawk can definitely fulfill any demand you have concerning capturing animal pests.

This company has a wide selection of various animal control equipment and products. The most popular items manufactured by Tomahawk include:

  • Traps and trap accessories
  • Animal handling equipment
  • Pet shampoos
  • Reptile, bat and bird control gear
  • Fish traps and live boxes
  • Wildlife deterrents

When looking for animal traps, the first thing you’ll need to identify is the type of animal you want to capture. This is highly important since cages come in various sizes and you won’t want to allow the animal to escape through large cage holes. Their wide selection of traps includes:

  • Feral cat traps
  • Original series traps for coyotes, raccoons, and other small-medium sized animals
  • Professional series traps for large-sized, strong animals
  • Comstock traps with snapping doors
  • And an assortment of specialty traps for ferrets, frogs, birds, beavers, etc.

Tomahawk FixNation Cat TrapOne popular concern of purchasing and setting up a trap is whether the cages can let the animal go through the steel meshes. Tomahawk’s products can ensure that using any of their traps made especially for specific pest animals will accidentally release the animal back into the wild. These high quality metal cages are all taken through a rigorous check to ensure top notch quality and safe treatment of the animals. Each product is inspected and tested prior to shipping to each valued customer.

Tomahawk has perfected their animal traps, and some of their cage models come with different setups which allow for more flexibility. Some customers feel the need to move their traps from place to place after each successful capture, so Tomahawk has designed their products to be readily moved when needed. In addition, some models come with collapsible features to make setup in hard to access or extremely limited spaces a breeze.

Excellent pre- and post-purchase customer service

Their selection of traps may seem intimidating at first since beginners will most likely not be aware of the differences in trap size and mechanisms, but Tomahawk’s pre- and post-sale customer service will help smooth out any confusion regarding their products. They are the leading company in the animal control equipment industry, and their customer service reps ensure this title by providing excellent services to their consumers.

Is there any risk of getting bit when letting the animals out?

Knowing that the animals you want to catch are feral and most likely out to get you or your livestock, Tomahawk has made retractable doors much easier and accessible to open from a distance. No longer will you have to risk losing a finger or catching rabies from wild animals; the doors can be opened for easy release without far reaching.

How durable are their traps?

Tomahawk-Live-Trap-Two-DoorThe strength of the cages is an extremely important factor when considering purchasing a trap for larger animals. Tomahawk has made their catches extra durable with high quality materials. This allows for even the most ferocious of dogs or similar sized animals to rock the cage but never exit. Their cages were built to take repeated beatings, meaning longer product life and fewer repeated orders by the customer.

Are there any cons?

There is very little that can be said about the problem with their products. They are all well built and keep the animals in their traps with no trouble.

However, if there ever was anything bad about the product, it would most likely be that they are too effective in keeping animals in. Some customers have expressed their slight frustration at dealing with the cage doors that were built too perfectly, making the releasing process of the animals a challenge. This is especially tricky when dealing with rabid dogs or ready-to-spray skunks. A simple solution is to place a small stick in the opening between the bottom portion of the back door and the bottom part of the cage. This is a cost-efficient solution to the problem, but perhaps something for the company to consider when planning upgrading their animal-release mechanism.

Bottom line

If you’re searching for quality animals traps, there’s little else you should go to other than Tomahawk’s website or Amazon to find the ideal cage for any situation. Whether you’re trapping ferrets, chipmunks, wild cats and snakes to large dogs and extremely large raccoons, Tomahawk will definitely be able to provide you with the proper trap setup. You can ask their fantastic customer service for help on making a purchase or setting up your traps after buying one.

Tomahawk Excluder with One Way DoorSetting up the traps is pretty straightforward and require little or no experience in dealing with one. It’s mainly setting the traps in whatever spot you want, opening the trap door and hinge with lock, place the bait, and wait for the pest animal to walk in. Releasing the animal from the cage can be a little bit of a hassle, but it shouldn’t be enough of a problem to want to blame their manufacturing. In fact, all of the traps are inspected and tested before selling to the customer to ensure perfect build and use.

The flexibility of the products is what makes Tomahawk your go-to guy when shopping for animal traps. Not only do their provide a long list of traps for general or specific pests, but they create static and collapsible models for a number of their traps, making setup that much simpler and efficient.

The durability of the high quality materials used to make the traps allows for repeated use over several seasons. You won’t find yourself purchasing similar traps from competitors or repurchasing Tomahawk products due to product faults or deterioration. These traps were built to last for several raccoon lifetimes.

If Tomahawk is a supplier to animal and pest control agencies all over the world, then you’ll definitely benefit from what they have to offer. Whether you’re in need of a bobcat trap, rattle snake trap, gloves to handle rabid dogs, or shampoo for your pets, Tomahawk’s got you covered.