Top 3 Dog-Proof Traps for Coyote Hunting

Although they’re not a direct threat to humans, coyotes can stir up trouble when hunting your chickens or attacking pets and children. Most farmers will take matters into their own hands and hunt coyotes with guns. This is indeed a viable option, but it’s not efficient since coyotes will always come where there’s food, and bullets can be an expensive investment in the long run.

Another problem with hunting coyotes using guns is that even though the use of special night-vision or heat-vision specs can clearly outline a coyote, it may be difficult to distinguish a threatening coyote and a pet dog who managed to get away from you. Although it’s not always that big of an issue for most farm owners, it is a problem that’s worth considering.

The next best thing for hunting coyotes is using static traps that will effectively capture a wandering coyote. Traps can either be cages large enough to catch a coyote but small enough to limit movement, or spring traps with chains that clamp onto the leg of the unknowing animal without possibility of release. Both products have their pros and cons, but the chance of accidentally catching your own pet dog still exists. To reduce the chance of hurting your dog, you’ll need coyote hunting traps that are dog-safe and effective in catching those pesky predators.

Remember that if you wish to trap a coyote but want to save your pet dog from succumbing to coyote traps, then you’ll want to look for humane trapping products. If you are in dire need of a coyote trap that is safe for your dog, then you’ll want to take a look at the top three dog-proof coyote hunting traps.

1. Tomahawk Original Series Rigid Trap for Coyotes and Dogs

Tomahawk Original Series Rigid Trap for Coyotes and Dogs If you opt for a full-sized cage for trapping large animals like coyotes or humungous raccoons, then you’ll definitely need to take a look at Tomahawk’s selection of traps. This cage is a catch-and-release setup that won’t cause any bodily harm to the animals caught within, including pet dogs.

The cages are made of high quality metal and built to last for several years. These cages can also be used to catch smaller animals found wandering on your lands, such as raccoons and armadillos. The best thing about purchasing a cage to trap wild coyote is that you won’t have to risk injury through direct contact with the animal. The releasing process is straightforward: open the latch door found in the back of the cage to release the animal.


  • No direct handling of rabid coyotes or animals inside of the cage
  • Does not cause injury to the animal
  • Most humane solution to capturing coyote


  • Animals have to be baited into the cages
  • Cages are not sold in packs
  • Requires some assembly
  • This is the most expensive solution to catching coyote

2. MB 550-RC Trap

Minnesota Brand MB-550 OffsetMB is a Minnesota-based animal trap mechanism manufacturer who specializes in leg traps for large animals, including coyotes. Of all the traps on this list, the 550-RC Trap is perhaps the most pain-inducing trap. However, it is effective in keeping the animal in place for further treatment and release.

This trap is a 5.5-inch crunch-proof swivel trap. Its two-coil design allows it to catch a variety of animals, including smaller ones like beavers. It’s also completely easy to use and perfect for amateur trappers and farmers.

The foot trap is durable enough for repeated use and tough enough to catch coyotes and foxes. Overall, it is the most effective foot-hold trap for multiple pest species.


  • Easy to use
  • Won’t let go
  • Durable construction
  • Used for a variety of small- and medium-sized animals


  • Least humane option on this list
  • Strong jaws without cushioning will severely injure the animal’s leg
  • No external protection from rusting
  • No option to install rubber padding

3. Duke Rubber Coil Spring Animal Trap

Duke 0473 Rubber Jaw CoilSpring TrapDuke produces more than 30 models of coil spring traps, long spring traps and body gripping traps for catching pests. Body gripping traps, also known as conibear traps, are made to kill the animal quickly. You definitely do not want to purchase a body gripping trap since they will cause instant death to the animal caught in one. There’s absolutely no way you’ll ever be able to save a pet dog caught in an unattended body trap. For this reason, we will steer clear from body traps and choose rubber coil spring traps instead.

Duke Rubber Coil String Animal Trap is perfect for gripping the leg of a lone coyote and keeping it in place for further treatment. Although the animal will feel some level of discomfort and pain upon falling victim to a leg trap, this model was designed with rubber holders to limit the animals suffering.


  • Available double-jaw models
  • Rubber padding is used to cushion the blow of the metal clamps
  • Strong grip prevents the wild animal from being released accidentally
  • Release mechanism is easy to use by humans (not the captured animal)
  • Moderately humane


  • Sensitive to cold weather, ineffective during winter time
  • May be too heavy for certain users

Bottom line

In the end, farmers and land owners are aware of the concept of sustainability and would like to keep animals away from unnecessary pain and suffering, even coyotes. Although most leg traps won’t cause long-term damage to the captured animal, there’s always the possibility that your pampered pet dog will be unable to handle the pain.

For this reason alone, the best solution for trapping and releasing coyotes is using the Tomahawk Original Series Rigid Trap for Coyotes and Dogs. Cages are the most humane solution to treating wild animals, and to keep the ecosystem in place. Tomahawk’s cages are relatively easy to use, flexible in terms of placement and storage, and cause no physical injury to the trapped animal, making it the perfect solution to catching coyotes and accidentally capturing pet dogs.