8 Reasons To Always Have a Hunting Buddy

While many consider hunting as a solo sport, it can actually be a lot more fun if you do it with a buddy. We understand hunting requires minimal noise and a lot of waiting which can be tough if you go in a group but it can also be a lot more fun and easier if you do. Now, this doesn’t mean you grab 10 of your friends and go, just one or two partners to assist you can make the trip worthwhile. We have 8 reasons you should consider as to why you should have a hunting buddy.

Hunting Buddy


Hunting can be rather long and be out in the wild can get boring at times. While you don’t have to be joined to your partner, just having someone there near you gives you a sense of companionship and sort of eases your mind on the trip. You can have small conversations and joke around while on the trip which makes it a lot more fun rather than being on your own.

Cover more ground

While splitting up during a hunting trip sort of defeats the purpose of having a partner, it does allow you to cover a lot more ground on the hunting trip. You don’t have to be miles apart just a few hundred yards would do. This allows the two of you to cover twice the amount of territory as you would alone or side by side. Which increases the chances of you hunting coyotes or any other animal down.

Extra pair of eyes

It always helps to have an extra pair of eyes when hunting. You can look one way while your partner looks the other. This also allows you to cover more ground and see more. Hunting with more eyes is especially beneficial for beginners as it allows them to learn through experience with each other.

Additional hands

Whether it is before, during, or after the hunt an extra pair of hands can be quite beneficial. You can use the assistance of having a partner guide you with wind direction, choosing the right spot, extra pair of eyes during your trip. The additional help will result in you catching and hunting a coyote in no time. It also makes it easier to deal with the kill afterward when you have additional hands to help you rather than having to do it on your own.

Quality time with a friend

In our busy lives, we barely have time to give to our friends. A hunting trip can change that and the time you spend is going to be more memorable than going out and getting drunk with them. The experience you share on the hunting trip will be one that you remember. Especially if you help each other hunt down a big buck or coyote. You will have stories to tell for years.

Keeping you focused

A long hunting trip can be tasking. If you are out in the wild for hours with a hunt, chances are your mental state will tell you to give up and go home. A partner can keep you motivated to continue hunting no matter how many hours you go without hunting something. Plus, with a partner, the time passed won’t seem as boring as you will have companionship throughout.


Having a partner provides you with a safety net, just in case if anything bad happens during the trip. You will have someone to treat you if you fall sick, injure yourself, or encounter an animal.

Strength in numbers

Like animals generally hunt in numbers, humans should too. It greatly increases the chances of them actually getting a kill while also easily managing to bring it home.