When to use a Green Hunting Light

green hunting lights

The one questions many predator hunters have is, which color light is more effective when hunting? Generally, you can find three main light colors in predator hunting which are green, white and red. Each of the light has its own benefits while both green and red are the main two choices for hunting predators like coyotes and foxes.

Why the green hunting lights?

If you are planning on going into unknown territory and require a light that will allow you to see in darkness then the green hunting light is your best bet. Green hunting light packs just the same amount of power as white light in the sense that it allows you to see far. If you compare it with red lights, you will see that green lights allow you to see further than red ones. This is great for when you venture to unknown territory on your hunting trip.

White lights can be really intense for hunting and really give the hunt off. Green lights are slightly less intense so are much better suited. They don’t really spook the animal off. This is something important to consider, the last thing you want is to be in the range of the animal and scare it away. Coyotes are generally clever and can easily spot white light and hide from it. While the ability and chances of them to spot the green light and hiding from it are slightly less. Making green light the smarter choice on your hunt.

Green vs. Red light

In general, most hunters, however, will tell you to use red over green light when hunting for coyotes. Red hunting lights are a lot less reflective off surroundings which allows you to get a perfect shot without the coyote noticing. Red light is also more visible in the sense that it doesn’t get absorbed as easily in the natural white light like green light does. So you will have a clear vision of what your target is.

The only downside to using red light is that its range isn’t as good as a green light.

The green light is generally recommended for beginners so they get a better view of exactly where they are shooting. More experienced hunters tend to prefer red light because it gives them the upper hand in the hunt.