Alaska Hunting Coyote Season

Alaska wasn’t always known as a hunting ground for coyotes. After all, the coyote is a fairly newcomer to the land, as it was first noted in the state in the early 20th century and not before that. Initially discovered in the Southeast region, the predator’s population grew to the northern areas also. This was during the 1940s when there was a peak in population, you can generally find coyotes all over Alaska except the most northern areas. However, the most densely populated areas are Matanuska, Kenai Peninsula, Sustina valleys, and the Copper River Valley.

Coyote is one predator that has been able to strive in mainland US through the years. Alaska is a similar case as they have been able to easily adapt to the environment. So how does hunting coyote go in Alaska, we have some answers to questions you may have.

Is there any set season set for hunting coyotes?

In Alaska, you are generally allowed to hunt coyotes from September 1st to April 30th in certain areas. While other areas you can hunt year round.

Can you hunt without a license?

Yes, if you are planning on hunting in Alaska then you are required to have a hunting license. Same goes for trapping coyotes, you need a trapping license to do so.

Is there a limit of coyotes I can hunt?

This again depends on the region of Alaska you are hunting in. It’s divided into two regions and the first allows for you to bag only 2 coyotes while the second has no limits.

So does it make sense to go out to Alaska to hunt coyotes? Well, the experience in Alaska is a lot different than mainland US. The terrain is different and hunting coyotes can be fun. If you are looking for a different experience of hunting then we highly recommend going to Alaska for coyote hunting. The state has a fairly good population of coyotes and you also get a trip out of the whole experience.