Colorado Hunting: What You Need to Know Before Heading Out

Colorado is a gold mine if you enjoy hunting. The state has 23 million acres of land filled with pines and meadows. Which is one reason why it also hosts a lot of wildlife, specifically elk herds. Elks are considered to be one of the most majestic animals in the wild, making Colorado the ideal hunting ground. However, you can’t just go out blindly into the field and expect to come out with a trophy. We have some tips that will get you ready for your hunt.

The season to go

The fall and winter are probably the best seasons to go for hunting in Colorado. While the early season may seem more enticing, since it does snow a lot in Colorado and temperatures drop, the weather actually helps in making the hunt a success. We recommend going to hunt anytime between August and January.

Choice of weapon for the hunt

Colorado is a great hunting ground for any type of weapon of choice. Whether you take a longbow or rifle. You will have a wonderful experience in Colorado. The environment is fairly stable so you can go with either choice of weapon.

Scout location

To get the real experience, you may need to head out to Colorado in the pre-hunting season and scout location. Setting up a base camp can help you get a better understanding of the landscape and an insight into the wilderness present in the state. The state is also known for its rivers so don’t forget your fishing rods.

Visit Colorado’s parks and wildlife

Most parks and wildlife centers in Colorado have informational centers in which they provide instructional videos and other material that will help you hunt the wildlife. Hunting Elks isn’t easy so visiting these centers will certainly help you get all the information you need to enhance your experience.

Colorado has 41 state parks along with over 300 state wildlife areas. So if you are still on the fence regarding where to go hunting, it is definitely a location you should consider. We are certain you will go back home with a trophy for you man cave. After all, what is hunting without a trophy.