Trophy Hunting vs Meat Hunting

There is a great debate in the hunting community between those that hunt for trophy versus those that do it for meat. Most people ridicule trophy hunters for killing for their amusement and pride. So we look at the reason why people hunt for a trophy and how it may be different than meat hunting.

Why hunt for a trophy?

When it comes to trophy hunting, the hunters are more selective. They generally do not just go out and hunt the first buck they spot, unless it is big. They usually wait for the twelve-point deer over a two-point deer because it will definitely look better on their wall. While they do this for their entertainment and somewhat for their pride, all trophy hunters to pay a fee to hunt and additional for trophy fees. The money paid is put towards conservation and education about animals.

Why hunt for meat?

Most meat hunters you find will hunt pretty much anything that comes in front of them, as long as it looks like it has meat that can be used. They don’t do it for fame or anything but of course when it comes to hunting, even meat hunters prefer to hunt bigger animals than smaller ones. The reason for that is due to the animal having more meat than smaller ones. While they don’t usually take home the head of the deer to put on a trophy they also look for stronger animals to hunt, which doesn’t make them too different than trophy hunters.

Whether hunters go out to hunt for trophy or meat, the result is pretty much the same. One may be doing it for their own amusement while the other may be doing it for meat. Either way, it results in a kill. It is important that rather than debate which style of hunting is more ethical, the two sides should come together because the result is pretty much the same in either case. The two types of hunter already face a lot of backlash on various forums both online and offline the last thing they need is to go against each other.