Understanding Coyote Hunting Patterns

Most hunters are aware that if they want to be successful, they must know how to pattern the animal they are hunting. By doing this, they learn the tendencies of the animal, allowing them to know when to strike and kill them. We have tips for you that will help you pattern coyotes and allow you to get more out of your hunting trip.


When it comes to understanding any type of pattern, the first thing you need to do is scout the hunting grounds. You can approach this in two ways, go out in the wild and scout yourself or ask locals where coyotes are mostly sighted. Once scouting the area, you need to pay close attention to the noise. Coyotes are vocal animals and you can usually hear them in the night.

Know when to scout

Coyotes are nocturnal so you will usually spot them at night timing. However, that is not always the case. Come winter time, coyotes are more vocal during mid-morning hours.


Hunting coyotes can be a bit easier in the fall season. This is the time when male cubs leave their family to go out on their own. They are more naive and easier to call. They aren’t as wary of humans and can easily be attracted and hunted.

When do coyotes become reclusive?

Usually when the hunting ground is swarming with hunters. Late fall and early winter, most hunting grounds have hunters swarming for numerous different animal. During this time, coyotes become reclusive especially in areas where more hunters are camped. If you must hunt during this time then be sure to find an area which is away from the concentration of hunters. This will increase the chances of you coming across coyotes.

Know when they breed

Coyotes generally breed between February and April, this may vary depending on the location. This is when their predator senses are at a high. They patrol the territory making sure nothing breeches their territory. You can use this time to hunt them because there is an increase of chances of intercepting a coyote while they are out guarding their territory.