Using a Coyote Radar During a Hunt

As coyote hunting becomes more and more popular, hunters have adopted numerous different tricks to hunt. In the past 20 years, coyote hunting has become a favorite pastime for hunters. The fact that the population of the predator is on the rise in the US, hunting of it has become legalized with the right license. However, hunting the predator isn’t easy because it is one of the more clever animals in the wild.

You won’t find an actual radar that can help you hunt coyotes but can easily make one yourself when you are on the hunt. All you have to do is lure them with bait and use coyote calling while knowing the area where you are hunting and you can have the best radar for hunting coyotes. We have tips that will help you develop the best radar for your hunt.

Use calls properly

There are two methods for calling coyotes, manual with the use of your hand and automatic calls which are electronic. No matter which calls you to decide to use, you need to practice. Hand call is much tougher since you need to learn how to do it rather than use a machine. So during the hunt, try different calls either ways and see which works best.

Corner the animal

You should try to corner the coyote while you hunt. Of course, the area where you are hunting is vast, so you need to build a camp in an area that will allow you to somehow corner the animal. Use the terrain to your advantage and draw a mental map of the area. You want to keep the bait in an area where you can easily hunt the animal and not in an area that is too open. You also want this area to be a

vantage point for you, so you want the terrain to be a little high, maybe a hill.

Go prepared

You want to go prepared with the right weapons to hunt coyotes. You may want a different approach each day, so you can take rifle and shotgun which are both very effective against coyotes.

Use the wind to your advantage

Coyotes have an exceptional sense of smell. So you want to make sure of two things, the bait you use is smelly so it attracts them and you are positioned in such a way that the wind doesn’t take your smell to the area of the bait. The bait smell will attract the coyote and this way they won’t be able to detect your smell, which would prompt them to wait until they approach the bait.

While you won’t find a radar that can actually point out coyotes, you can form your own radar that will help you become more successful on your hunt.