How to Bait Coyotes: What You Need to Know

Failure is a part of hunting. Especially when it comes to hunting coyotes, one of the most clever animals in the wild. They just have a way and can easily sense danger so they are generally harder to hunt. But being clever doesn’t mean they are impossible to hunt. With so many coyotes out in the wild, you would think hunting them is a piece of cake. It can be if you have the right strategy, follow our tips to baiting coyotes and you will have a better time on your hunt.

How to bait coyotes

How impactful your baiting strategy depends a lot on the bait itself. One of the best bait for coyotes is road kill, however, harvesting roadkill is not allowed in a lot of states. So you can use meat as a substitute which works well also.

Setting the bait

To set the bait, you sort of need to be familiar with locations where the coyotes are spotted. It is important to figure these places cause they will make baiting more effective. In order to figure this out, you want to keep your eyes open for coyote tracks. Placing the bait in area where coyote track is present is a great start, as coyotes generally return to places they have already been. If you find carcass on the trial then the stop is even better cause it will attract the coyote even more.

Place it upwind

The bait should be placed upwind to the animal’s track. This allows the smell of the meat to travel to the coyote rather than go the other way. Attracting the coyote at a much quicker rate.

If done properly, you should have coyotes coming out in given time. Don’t be hastily to change the position of your bait, give it some time. It takes time for the smell to travel and coyotes to come out. You will need to be a little patient with it. If you decide to constantly change the position of the bait then chances are you won’t attract any coyotes.