Top 4 Tips on How to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Hunting at night is a different game altogether when comparing it to the day. The situation is completely different than that of the day. You need to prepare a bit more for night hunting than you would for the day. That is why most hunters usually prefer hunting during the day. Hunting at night is a lot tougher, most experienced hunters opt for night hunting. For those that want to make hunting a little more challenge and hunt at night, we have some tips.

Scout your hunting ground beforehand

Driving around and navigating through the ground is hard enough without light. The last thing you want is not be aware of the ground or have your hunting ground already scouted. You should probably go out during the day and scout the grounds so you know exactly where you can set your camp at night to hunt. Looking for hunt ground at night will not only be difficult but you will also drive away a lot of your prey by driving around with your headlights on for hours. So map out exactly where your hunting location will be and go there when you are ready to start. Try not to move around too much in your vehicle after that.

Calling is easier at night

One thing that does get easier at night is using game calls. There is less interference at night, the wind is calmer so you will get exceptional projection of the call. But that doesn’t mean you blast the call at its highest volume. You want to keep it at a lower level and play distress sounds. Coyotes are active at night so they are more likely to respond to distress sounds.

Use the right night light

Being a hunter, you should already know that you can’t use your basic flashlight to hunt. Within the hunting community there is a huge debate whether red or green LED light is better for hunting. Both work effectively well and you find numerous different hunting light that has the two colors along with others interchangeable. Which one should you opt for? Well, this completely depends on you preference. Red really allows the eyes of the coyotes to pop out, more than green. However, green is just more popular with hunters. As long as you don’t use a flashlight and get a hunting light, you should be good.

Scan the grounds quickly

When using the night light, you want to scan the ground rapidly. Don’t just focus on one area, keep scanning. You shouldn’t expect to catch the animal, full body, just look to capture their eyes and look for it’s reflection. The fact that you shine your light in their eyes will make their vision slightly dull for a bit which gives you plenty time to hunt it.