All About the Coyote Dog Mix AKA the Coydog

All About the Coyote Dog Mix AKA the Coydog

Dog owners look for more and more exotic breeds of dogs that they can domesticate. The coydog which is a mix between a dog and coyote is one of those exotic breeds that has come about. The breed is usually a mix better a husky or spitz and a coyote. The coydog takes elements from both sides and is generally a wild, fun and spirited breed that is quite exciting to have. They serve well as jogging and hunting partners as they are an active breed.

Coydog History

Exactly when the breed came about is unknown, some even believe the breed to be a myth. However, you will find many breeders that say that they breed coydogs. The legacy of the coydog has been traced back to the Teotihuacans who loved to keep dogs to help with hunting. They wanted to make a breed that was loyal and powerful so decided to breed coyotes with a dog.


There is no set appearance of the coydog as it varies depending on the dog and coyote breed of the parents. However, they are generally athletic looking with bulky bodies, long muzzle, and triangular ears. The tail of coydogs are bushy and are usually down. They can weigh anywhere from 60-120 lbs and grow to be 22-27 inches, depending on the breed of the parents.


Coydogs temperament is different than most dog breeds. They aren’t very family friendly and not predictable at all. They don’t blend well with other dogs, however, if you keep it on its own it will serve as a great dog. They are energetic and can get very hyper. You will need to take it out often especially if you keep it indoors. The personality of the coydog varies, one moment they can be shy around visitors and the next moment be very aggressive with them, making them very unpredictable.

Living Conditions

Since the coydog is active, they aren’t ideal for urban settings. So keeping them in apartments isn’t the best idea. They need large spaces to move around and play so it is important to keep them in a yard where they can easily move about with limited restrictions.