Do Coyotes Attack Pitbulls?

Do Coyotes Attack Pitbulls

As a dog owner, there are numerous things you need to be aware of to keep your dogs safe. However, a coyote probably isn’t one you were aware of. With the rising population of coyotes in North America do you really need to take precautions so your dog is safe from a coyote?

You now find many incidents in which coyotes attack dogs. Especially in the suburban communities where coyotes tend to roam at night. These coyote attacks are becoming more and more common. Coyotes are very opportunistic and while they don’t eat dogs, if they do find an easy prey they will attack. A small dog on a leash in the backyard is definitely an easy target for the coyote as it can’t do much. Coyotes usually target smaller dogs like poodles, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus. Which leads us to the question.

Do Coyotes Attack Pitbulls?

There have been reported instances in which coyotes have attacked pitbulls. They roam into yards with pitbulls and end up attacking them. Both pitbulls and coyotes are very territorial. So if either one was to roam into the territory of the other, chances are they would end up fighting. While pitbulls are much larger than the main breed of dogs coyote attacks, a coyote doesn’t specifically shy away from them.

When there is an attack though, who wins depends on the case. However, you will find that pitbulls can put up a fight and end up winning more often than not. Pitbulls are strong dogs that are known to fight. There have been reports of pitbulls scaring coyotes away, protecting their territory.

If you want to make sure that coyotes don’t wander into your yard and attack your dog. We recommend installing longer fences. You also want to make sure you throw your trash away properly. Garbage, especially food you throw away attract coyotes. When you feed your dog, make sure the food doesn’t just lie in the yard and is properly given to them. As that can also attract coyotes. Also, never ever feed a coyote if you spot one. If you do, the coyote will continue to come to the area looking for more food.