Georgia Coyote Challenge: Need to Know Info

Georgia Coyote Challenge, Need to Know Info

Coyotes have become a pest to the wildlife in Georgia. As the population of coyote rises, their predatory nature has impacted the wildlife as they prey on smaller animals. Georgia held the Georgia Coyote Challenge for the second time this year and it is becoming an annual occurrence now. Coyote hunting and trapping is allowed year-round in Georgia as there is no law against it. The predator has been known to attack pets and livestock in the state also and therefore people aren’t too fond of coyotes. It is up to the people of Georgia to take charge and do something against the predator.

The challenge which took place between March and August asked hunters and trappers to submit pictures of 10 coyotes that they hunt or capture. Doing so will give them a lifetime license to hunt and trap coyotes or they would be eligible for a prize worth the same value. All participants have to do is send their photos in by e-mail to [email protected] and a form will be sent to them.

Why was the challenge started?

In the recent past, there were numerous reports of negative interactions with coyotes and wildlife and residents. There were also many sightings of coyotes in urban and suburban areas which raised a lot of concern. The best way to get rid of the predator was to have them lethally removed so the challenge presents people with that opportunity.

There is no bounty in the program as the program is solely to help in reducing the growing coyote population in the state. The challenge is run by the Department of Natural Resources and while the department mainly works to conserve wildlife it has made an exception for coyotes. As coyotes are hurting other wildlife in the region, therefore, the challenge was launched. The main purpose to the program is to effectively manage the hunting and trapping of coyotes, something that was going on even before the challenge.