Urban Coyotes in Minnesota

Urban Coyotes in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has been a home for coyotes for decades. Coyotes which are part of the dog family are predatory animals. They can range in size from state to state. Minnesota has seen a rise in coyote population and the predator in the region weigh on an average 30 pounds and can grow to be 18” in height. They have a thick fur coat so they may appear to be larger than they actually are.

Coyotes are different than wolves and many people have trouble telling the difference. They have a brown/gray colored coat and look slightly like a German Shepard. Coyotes don’t travel so much in a pack in Minnesota and they are usually spotted alone unless they have young pups with them. With family is probably the only time you will see them in a pack.

Their Eating Habits

Coyotes are opportunistic and pretty much eat what they can find. They have an appetite for meat and are known to hunt smaller animals like rabbits, mice, birds, and even smaller deers. But that isn’t all they eat, they can eat berries and fruits they find in the wild.

Coyotes in Minnesota

The population of coyotes varies throughout Minnesota. They have even been sighted in the Twin Cities metro area. The area has seen a steady rise of coyote population. While coyotes try to avoid people and are usually scared of them, they are known to attack livestock in the region. They may even attack pets in the yard especially if they are much smaller than the coyote.

One of the biggest mistake people make is to leave trash bags or food out for coyotes to eat. This only tells the coyote to keep coming to the place for more food. They love to dig through trash and look for whatever they can find to eat. So it is important for people to take the right measures and not attract coyotes. As they are becoming more and more accustomed to living in an area that is surrounded by humans. While there haven’t been many incidents reported of coyotes attacking humans, with time that can increase.