Understanding Coyote Behavior: What to Know If You See or Encounter a Coyote

Understanding Coyote Behavior What to Know If You See or Encounter a Coyote

In the past few decades, the coyote population has risen in the US. While most people think of coyotes and animals in the wild, you can now find them in urban settings also. Coyotes can easily adapt to their surroundings which is one of the major reasons why their population continues to rise even with urbanization.

Coyotes don’t roam around throughout the year. They have specific times when they usually are active. You can find them usually between January-March which is their mating season and September-November when the younger ones leave the family pack. Coyotes are generally afraid of people so you won’t see them approach you. However, with the rising population, they are seen in residential areas more than ever before.

You will also find that some coyotes aren’t easily frightened. Since they are getting more accustomed to being in the urban setting, they are starting to get used to people. If you see a coyote, don’t be scared. There are steps you can take to chase them away.

  • Do not run at all, the last thing you want to do is turn your back and run.
  • Make loud noises, this will scare the coyote.
  • You can also clap your hands and wave your arms. Actions like that will also make them aware that you are not afraid of them.
  • If you have a hose nearby, you can spray it to scare the coyote away.
  • If the coyote approaches you and you have no other choice then you can throw a rock or something big towards it. Make sure you don’t hit it and injure it. This should only be done to scare it away.

Most coyotes would turn and run after the above actions. However, some may return. If you find that the coyote returns then this could be due to someone leaving food out or actually feeding the coyote. If that is the case then it is better to call animal control and they can handle the coyote. Make sure to also find the source of the food and clear the area out. So the coyote doesn’t return. Also in case you come in contact with a coyote pack, it is always better to call animal control right away rather than try to confront them in any way.