Watch and Learn – Coyote Hunting Videos

Coyote Hunting

If you are new to Coyote hunting or you want to get a better understanding of how to hunt Coyotes there are various types of videos online that explain in detail and in a short form all the techniques one needs in Coyote hunting. Sometimes is not about the gear or rifle that will ensure you have a successful hunt but it is the skills and patience in the field that will pay off in the end.

Summer includes a different set of hunting circumstances. For the beginning, you should consider extreme heat. Coyotes do not bask in the mountains or in open fields. They seek the shade all day and spend more time at night to spend the dusk. How and when the puppies are hurrying, coyotes clothe the heat under a low brush along streams and slopes. Coyotes have excellent eyes and good hearing. You need to be disguised well, and if not, at least try to have some camouflage clothing that will help you blend in your background. Place in an area where it is known that coyotes do pass by. Then start to “call”. According to the rules in your state, you can use an oral call or an electronic call with digital tapes or CDs that have pre-recorded calls configured on call sequences. Some of these video I have provided below:

Todd Sullivan

You can watch Todd Sullivan teaching on how to stop a Coyote coming at you at full speed. He gives detail of the method he calls “ BARK’EM AND BANG’EM”. In this video he explains how it is a dangerous and fast reaction could save your life. He also states that one of the safety precaution you can take is back at the Coyote coming at you and you have to do it with a loud voice as this will only slow it down to give you enough time to aim at it and shoot it.

Team Radical

If you really want to see how hunting at night is like, then you better watch this video by Team Radica as they go out hunting at night. They use some nice night vision on top the gun and do some awesome Coyote calling too which in turn guaranteed great success.


These guys are doing Coyote hunting during the day and are using manual Coyote calling device which takes some time before any Coyote shows up. I gues this shows that the electric device work much better, but the video offers real experience and the kind of patience one requires to have while doing Coyote hunting. Also they are pretty much disguised and that ensures success.


The video by these guy is pretty much awesome as they are in the gears well disguised and they use a toy replica of a Coyote which makes the call and at the very end they even imitate the Coyote voices and works out for them as they make several kills.

Ridge & Valley Pursuits

For these guys they exercised patience as they had to seat for a while just waiting for the Coyotes to move close by before they opened fire. I loved the gears they had on, again they waited for almost 5 minutes before any Coyote could move closer to where they were. So patience is key for a successful hunt.

Cheyenne River Predator Hunters

This video has detail explanation about their hunting and what is interesting is the fact that they mentioned the wind was blowing sideways and the Coyotes were coming right straight at them. This helped in ensuring the Coyotes could not smell them hence they kept walking right to the kill zone one after the other. I loved the part where the mother Coyote had the pup distress and just could not resist it, I gues curiosity did not just kill the cat alone but also a whole lot of Coyetes too.

Sonofa Coyotehunter

If want to see field chase of Coyotes by dogs and both guys on truck then this video has all that. It is fun to watch how they are enjoying themselves during the hunt and how dog end up catching the Coyotes.


Coyote hunting is interesting all you need is to polish up on your skills or have some few friends that are experienced in Coyote hunting tag along with you and you will enjoy every bit of the hunt.