Where to Buy Coyote Traps for Sale

When it comes to trapping coyotes, your plan is only as good as the trap you use. There is such a thing as using too small a trap when you look to catch a coyote. So knowing which kind of trap to use is can be the difference between you catching a coyote or one escaping your grasp.

The size of the trap

The trap size is important. You will find many people that will tell you that they have used traps that are smaller, typically used for foxes and coons to catch a coyote. They probably aren’t lying either. No. 1.5 footholds which are typically used to catch foxes can be used for coyotes but they aren’t as efficient as slightly bigger traps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a coyote with it, the chances are slightly lower.Duke 0491 Number 2 Coil Spring

If you want the perfect size for coyotes then we recommend you go with No. 1.75 class of traps. Some coyote trappers may even find this to be slightly small but from our experience we have had no trouble trapping coyotes with this size. It has an opening of about 5 inches, the only flaw with this is that if the footing of the coyote isn’t in the center of the trap then there is a chance that it can escape with ease. That is where you need to ensure that the bedding of the trap is solid. If you bedding is solid then you have nothing to worry about.

If you are looking to trap bigger coyotes then the No. 1.75 probably won’t be enough. Then we recommend moving up a size to the No. 2 which is 1/2 inch bigger than the No. 1.75. That half an inch makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to trapping coyotes. As you gain experience and learn about traps, you will probably prefer to use this trap more than any other. But make sure when you buy the trap that you measure it yourself as some No. 2 traps may be the same size as No. 1.75, due to the fact that there isn’t one general standard.

Traps can go up to 6 1/2 inches, No. 4. We typically recommend these for big coyotes and not to use for beginners. It becomes a lot tougher to bait coyotes with bigger traps, hiding them properly and what not can be much tougher. So don’t get the bigger ones if you aren’t used to trapping foxes.


Price is always an important point to consider when you go out to buy something. There typically isn’t a huge difference in price when it comes to the size of the trap. You may have to put in 30-50 more dollars to get a bigger size.

Where can you buy a coyote trap?

Well if you have any local shop you can go to then you can test them out first. If not then there are numerous places online where you can get coyote traps. You want to make sure the shop you are purchasing from is legit and has decent reviews from other customers. Here are a few websites you can check online:

Amazon – they do not have the widest variety of coyote traps but you do get some good No. 2 traps on Amazon in a complete set. Amazon is one of the most trusted online store so you can shop there without a worry.

eBay – Similar to Amazon eBay allows you to shop for almost anything you can imagine including coyote traps. But like Amazon third parties sell these items on the website. You will need to search and find the best fit for you but they do have a wide selection.

The Snare Shop – With a wide variety of coyote traps, this particular website is a great place for all your trapping needs. A reliable company, they can help you select the best trap for you.

Fleming Traps – Another website that has all your trapping needs completely covered. They are reliable and can help you shop for bait and traps.