How High a Fence Can Coyotes Jump?

How High a Fence Can Coyotes Jump

As the population continues to grow in the US, humans are developing homes and encroaching land from the wildlife. Which leaves animals and others to either adopt or pretty much fade. The coyote is such an animal that has been adapting to urban and suburban settings. As other animals are not able to adapt, the coyote has been able to. In fact, coyotes have been spotted in the most of urban settings, Central Park in New York.

Due to the rise in coyote spotting around the country, people are warned to protect their homes specifically in the Northeastern region in the suburbs. While coyotes don’t generally attack humans and are scared of them, you still don’t want a coyote roaming your backyard, especially if you have pets. It may not attack you but coyotes are known to attack smaller animals.

Fencing Your Home

Coyotes are athletic and clever which can make them a pest if you don’t have proper fencing. Looking at a coyote, you wouldn’t think they were amazing jumpers but they are. They can easily clear a fence of 5 feet and bigger ones can jump fences of uptown 7 feet.  If you are fencing your home to keep it coyote-proof then you want to have fences that are just above 7 feet long. Make sure the fence is smooth, vinyl and smooth stucco, and solid.

You also want to add long extenders to the fence that face outwards at an angle of 45 degrees. The extenders should be 12-16 inches long. These would prevent any climbing of the fence by coyotes. Coyotes are good diggers also, so you want to make sure the fence is at least 2 feet deep so the overall length should be around 10 feet, 2 feet under and 8 feet above the ground.

Properly fencing your home is important if you want to keep coyotes out of your yard and home. They are easily attracted by the garden, trash, and any food that may be left out, especially if you have any pets. Be cautious and take the right measures to ensure your home is safe from any wild intruder.