Savage 22-250 Rifle Review


The Savage Axis .22-250 is a rifle designed by the renowned American firearm manufacturer Savage Arms. It is a no nonsense, stripped of pretense and gimmickry product, that is capable of both recreational and competitive shooting and is definitely going to give serious hunters a big edge in all their hunting trips. A recent trend in the firearm industry is trying to lower product costs, in order to make guns more accessible to a wider public. Naturally, this raises concerns by experienced interested parties. Can you really keep the rifle’s performance standards high, even though you are cutting deep into its price? Well, apparently you can. Savage Axis manages to accomplish just that.

Savage 22-250 Rifle

Putting the company name on a product is risky, as a sub-par rifle would tarnish their good name. Fortunately for Savage firearms, their Savage Axis .22-250 model is sufficiently distanced from their competition in the budget, affordable rifle market. This is the definition of value.

Gun Description & Specs

  • Series: Axis
  • Magazine: Detachable Box
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Barrel Finish: Matte
  • Barrel Color: Black
  • Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Caliber: 22-250 RE
  • Handed: Right
  • Rate of Twist: 12
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 43.875”
  • Barrel Length: 22”
  • Ammo Capacity: 4
  • MSRP: $$$

Product Review

The rifle’s action is in circularly shaped and holds the bolt with a twin floating-head construction and large opposed locking lugs, with the plunger ejector and the extractor claw ensuring a very reliable cartridge manipulation.

There’s a visible and easy to access safety sitting just behind the bolt shroud on separate tang. If you push the safety forward, you will expose a red dot that signifies the gun is ready to shoot. The trigger is an alternative to the adjustable one, typically used by Savage Arms, and is completely nonadjustable.

The magazine has staggered loading and holds four cartridges. It is easy to release, as there is a catch attached right at the magazine front.

The rifle has no open sights, but comes with a 3-12X50mm scope and mount. The scope enables precise shooting and the mounting allows a nightvision kit to be attached as well.

The Savage Axis, despite any doubts you might hold due to its lower than usual price, shoots very accurately. The only downside is, in case you are familiar with Savage’s typical, adjustable trigger, you might have to spend some time getting used to this rifle’ new and nonadjustable one. Other than that, you are very likely to be extremely pleased by the gun’ accuracy. And, as you will very well know if you are accustomed to firearms, it is only accurate rifles that are fun and interesting.

The Savage Axis rifle weights about 6.5 lbs, which safely puts it well within the lightweight class of rifles. If you are interested in hunting, you obviously understand that it is a necessity for your choice of weapon to be easy to carry around while searching for your prey. In this respect, the Savage Axis delivers big time. You will be pleased to find it feels completely natural to hold in your hands – well, unless you are left handed that is. As we mentioned earlier under the product description & specs, this model is designed for the right handed.

In conclusion: Define your goals

Even though we have praised the Savage Axis 22-250 considerably in the rest of the article we are obligated to stress that we firmly believe that before committing to any significant purchase customers have to set clear goals and expectations of the product they are buying. This article was written from the scope of an amateur firearm handler and is addressed to people interesting in hunting – and yes, the Savage Axis will absolutely do a fantastic job for hunting coyotes and the like. But if you really need a top and elite gun, your best might be to invest in a more refined and specialized rifle. Whatever the case may be, however, it is certain that the Savage Axis will not shame you.

For the general public, this might be among Savage’s greatest accomplishments. If you ever wanted to try a new rifle that can accurately shoot and could not afford it, this is the product for you. Ass odd as it may sound, Savage Arms did the unthinkable: The company has successfully combined a great product with an inexpensive package. A rare sight in business nowadays.