Bow Hunting Backpack

The Bow Hunting Backpack You Should Bring on Your Next Hunt

If you are planning on going on a hunting trip with a bow, then you should know that the backpack you take can make or break your trip. You want to take a bag that allows you to easily carry all your hunting gear and make your trip easier. We have picked out 3 bags for you to consider for your next hunting trip because they will make it a lot more convenient for you.

1. Badlands Superday

Badlands Superday

Our rating: 4.7 out of 5                            Price: $$$


  • Strong construction material
  • Exceptional space, 1950 cubic inches of storage
  • Padded back and shoulder strap


  • Adjusting the strap can be a task at times, not as smooth as we would have liked

If you are going on a short hunting trip and need a lot of room in your bag then the Badlands Superdry is the perfect choice. The bag allows for 1,950 cubic inches of storage which allows you to easily pack your hunting gear along with snack and a pair of extra clothing for your trip. It employs noiseless zipper which ensure you are in stealth mode throughout your hunt. As far as comfort goes, the material and padding on the bag ensure there is no strain on your back or shoulder while you carry this bag around.

The bag has extra pockets so you can easily carry additional things with you on your trip. It is constructed with durable material so you can expect it to last for years. Which makes this bag a smart investment for all those hunting trips to come.

2. Timber Hawk Killshot

Timber Hawk Killshot

Our rating: 4.6 out of 5                            Price: $$


  • Narrow bag with 2 side pockets that provide exceptional storage space
  • Great design, strong material employed for the build of the bag


  • The length of the bag is slightly more than we would have liked.

The Timber Hawk Killshot is another bag that provides users plenty of storage space and stealth. It has a narrow body which makes it easy to carry with two side pocket that provides additional storage space for those that need to carry more items. The bag comes with compression straps so if you are carrying a heavy load, they ensure stability. It also has a hydration bladder so if you get stuck in a tree stand that can prove to be helpful as it can hold up to 2 liters of water. The features of this bag make it a wonderful companion for avid hunters on their hunting trips.

3. Slumberjack Bounty 4500

Timber Hawk Killshot

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5                            Price: $$$$

The most expensive bag out of the three, the Lumberjack Bounty 4500 is the perfect bag if you hunt larger animals like bucks and elks. Designed specifically for those that hunt a larger animal, this bag is perfect for higher elevations due to its durability and sturdy design. The material used to construct the bag is durable enough so the bag won’t tear at any point of your trip, no matter how rough the terrain may be. While the bag is specifically designed for longer trips, it can be used for shorter ones also. It comes with exceptionally well padded back so you are comfortable when you carry it. We, however, did not like the padding on the shoulder and felt it was thinner than our liking.

Overall, if you enjoy longer hunting trips and hunt bigger animals then the Lumberjack Bounty 4500 is the perfect bag for you.


6 Best Women’s Hunting Bows


Bow hunting is gradually becoming common with women. In 2013, about one-third of the American bow hunting population was made up of women and those figures continue to grow. So it isn’t a surprise that many bow manufacturer’s have picked up on this trend and started to design bows specifically for women. When it comes to buying a bow, there are some factors that one must consider like:

  • Draw length
  • Draw weights
  • Quality of string and cams
  • Total bow weight
  • Adjustability of the bow

Keeping all these factors in mind we have selected the 8 best hunting bows for women.

Bear Archery Finesse RTH Bow Package

Bear Archery Finesse RTH Bow Package

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5                        Price: $$$$


  • Durable build
  • Adjustable draw
  • Lightweight


  • The bow string seems a little less durable than we would have liked

This bow is designed for women and also serves as a wonderful bow for the youth that are starting their journey in bow hunting. It is lightweight and offers precision shooting which is great for hunting purposes. It is adjustable also and allows you to adjust the draw length between 23-28 inches while offering speed and a smooth draw cycle. The bow works well for almost any type of situation from practice ranges to actual hunting trip. Since it is light and fairly easy to use, you won’t get too tired of using it making it the perfect bow for women.

Diamond Infinite Edge

Diamond Infinite Edge

Our rating: 4.75 out of 5                        Price: $$$$


  • Strong build, aluminium riser
  • Eccentric system that allows adjustability
  • Good size, nice size for women


  • String vibrates and makes noise once bow is fired, not very quiet

The Diamond Infinite Edge is another wonderful bow that allows users to adjust it to their liking, making it a good fit for all type of bow hunters. Made with aluminium riser, the bow has solid limbs and a strong build. It comes with an eccentric system which allows user to alter the draw weight and length. You can easily adjust it to your preference in a matter of minutes. It is however, slightly louder for hunting trips so you may want to invest in a silencing package if you decided to get this bow.

Cabela’s Fortitude L Bow Package

Cabela’s Fortitude L Bow Package

Our rating: 4.6 out of 5                        Price: $$$$


  • BOWTECH binary cam system, allows silent shot with consistent accuracy
  • Smooth draw and length


  • The build isn’t as strong as the first two bows

If you are looking for a smooth draw and length from a bow then look no further than Cabela’s Fortitude L Bow Package. The bow features the BOWTECH binary cam system which offers a silent shot and consistent accuracy. The rotating modules allows you to adjust the draw length to your liking and is built in. This makes the Cabela’s Fortitude L Bow Package a great bow for versatile situation and a wonderful companion on your hunt.

Bear Wild RTH Bow Package

Women’s Hunting Bowsjpg

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5                        Price: $$$


  • Good build and comes with a 3-pin sight
  • S7 single cam offers great draw


  • The overall action of the bow is slow

If you are looking for a good quality bow at affordable price then the Bear Wild RTH Bow Package is a good option. The bow isn’t the fastest you will find but gets the job done and offers great value. It has an S7 single cam which has an 80% let off but draws fairly well. This ensures that every time you draw the weight is balanced properly and the transition is smooth. You won’t wow yourself with this bow but for its price it offers exceptional performance.

Quest Radical Bow Package

Quest Radical Right Hand Package

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5                        Price:$$$$$


  • Lightweight, funky design
  • Adjustable draw length from 17.5 and 30 inches


  • Expensive bow

While the Quest Radical Bow is marketing toward beginners and women, it is not solely used by them which shows how good the performance of the bow is. It offers an adjustable draw length from 17.5 and 30 inches which allows the user to adjust to the length of their comfort. It is a compact and lightweight bow with a funky design which is why it appeals to women. The smooth cam system on the bow has little pull, ramps up in the middle, and then drops down easily. The overall draw system is smooth which makes this a great hunting bow.

PSE Stinger X Stiletto Bow Package

PSE Stinger X Stiletto Bow Package

Our rating: 4.35 out of 5                        Price: $$$


  • Mini EVO Hybrid cam provides balanced draw
  • Great design and lightweight


  • Adjusting the draw length can be a bit complicated

The PSE Stinger X Stiletto Bow is another wonderful bow designed for women at a reasonable price. It offers hunters quality, speed and the innovative Mini EVO Hybrid cam. The cam offers generous valley, smooth transition, and solid draw stop. The draw weight builds up as you draw which makes it easier when you reach full draw. It is well balanced on full draw which ensure you get accuracy when you shoot. The bow is a great fit for women hunters as it is designed specifically for their height and offers great speed.

Bow Hunting for Beginners

Bow Hunting for Beginners

Bow hunting may seem like an easy hobby to pick up, but if you have never used a bow before it can be quite complicated. It isn’t as easy as just picking a bow up, using an arrow, aiming at your target and shooting. If that is what you are expecting, we recommend you not pick up a bow at all. It is a lot more technical than that. We have some bow hunting tips that will help beginners on their route to bow hunting.

Bow Hunting for Beginners

Picking a bow

This is probably as important a step as any in bow hunting, picking the right bow for yourself. There are numerous different bows in the market and it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for yourself if you don’t know a thing or two about bows. Don’t get too caught up in brands, you are a beginner, so you need to select a bow you are comfortable with more than anything. You need to test drive the bow and pick one that is the easiest for you to manage and the quietest.

The size of the bow is also important, you want one that isn’t too big but goes slightly above your shoulder when you square up to fire it. This will ensure you can manage to hold the bow steady and shoot with precision. The weight of the bow is also important since you are starting off you want a bow you can easily manage and we recommend staying away from heavier options. You need to develop your archery muscles and if you get a bow that is too heavy chances are you will end up hurting yourself.

Which bow rest is better suited for you?

The bow rest you should get for yourself depends on which type of arrows you plan on using on your hunt. For beginners, carbon arrows are recommended because they are easier to hunt with so a drop-away rest is the right option for your rest. The reason for this is because carbon arrows have a small diameter and require this particular rest for stability and support.

Aid for sight

As a beginner, you want a simple sight aid for your bow. Chances are you won’t be hunting from too far with the possibility of shooting from about 40 yards at maximum. So you don’t need to go overboard with a fancy sight. You do, however, want one that is sturdy and fits well in your bow. A three pin sight should be more than enough to track down your hunt from 20-30 yards away.

Be patient and breath

Hunting with a bow takes a lot of work and is not easy. You need to practice your form and work that out before you hit the wild. Remember to breathe as you shoot, it will help you maintain focus and also aim. Get a sense of your bow and the arrows you use before your first hunt, it will help you.

Anti Hunting

How To Deal With People Who are Anti Hunting

Anti Hunting

If you are an avid hunter chances are you have come across many people who have been opposed to your hobby and were very vocal about it. As hunting as a sport gained more interest so has the anti-hunting opposition. There are numerous different organizations with supporters that oppose hunting as they feel it harms the ecosystem amongst other things. You hear them say things like:

  • Hunters dislike animals that’s why they kill them.
  • Hunting is all about killing and promoting violence.
  • Hunting as a sport is morally wrong.
  • Hunting is not necessary and promotes more violence towards defenseless animals and the list goes on.

We have some words of wisdom for you that will allow you to deal with people with anti-hunting sentiments and we will go through each example one by one.

Hunters dislike animals that’s why they kill them.

This is one of the more common things you hear anti-hunters say. While the case of hunters killing animals is true, that doesn’t generally mean they dislike them. Most hunters will tell you that the killing of the animal is probably their least favorite part of the sport. It is the preparation and the building up until the kill is what thrills them. In either way, the kill does happen. Ethical hunters ensure that they shoot the animal in such a way that it causes the least amount of pain, making the process as gentle as possible.

Hunting is all about killing and promoting violence

On the contrary, hunting doesn’t have much to do with violence. Being a hunter doesn’t automatically make you sadistic. Hunting is a sport like any other and provides hunters with a thrill they enjoy. This doesn’t mean they enjoy violence and killing.

Hunting as a sport is morally wrong

The killing of an animal through hunting is considered morally wrong. However, if you eat any type of meat then you can’t really argue that. Because you eat meat from an animal that was killed for your consumption. Hunting is as moral as killing animals for their meat is. Hunters, as stated above, go about hunting in an ethical manner and try to limit the pain for the animal they hunt as much as possible.

Hunting is not necessary and promotes more violence towards defenseless animals

Hunters generally hunt animals that are predators like coyotes or preys of predators. So when hunting predators they generally do it to reduce the population of predators so they don’t harm humans in case of coyotes in the US. While prey would fall prey to these predators anyways. Prey being killed through hunting is far more ethical and less painful than when they are killed by a predator.

While hunting may seem bad for the ecosystem, hunters in general hunt animals that are in abundance and don’t face any threat of extinction. That is one thing people with anti-hunting sentiments should consider. Plus, they have the proper permit to hunt so it is their choice.

Hunting Buddy

8 Reasons To Always Have a Hunting Buddy

While many consider hunting as a solo sport, it can actually be a lot more fun if you do it with a buddy. We understand hunting requires minimal noise and a lot of waiting which can be tough if you go in a group but it can also be a lot more fun and easier if you do. Now, this doesn’t mean you grab 10 of your friends and go, just one or two partners to assist you can make the trip worthwhile. We have 8 reasons you should consider as to why you should have a hunting buddy.

Hunting Buddy


Hunting can be rather long and be out in the wild can get boring at times. While you don’t have to be joined to your partner, just having someone there near you gives you a sense of companionship and sort of eases your mind on the trip. You can have small conversations and joke around while on the trip which makes it a lot more fun rather than being on your own.

Cover more ground

While splitting up during a hunting trip sort of defeats the purpose of having a partner, it does allow you to cover a lot more ground on the hunting trip. You don’t have to be miles apart just a few hundred yards would do. This allows the two of you to cover twice the amount of territory as you would alone or side by side. Which increases the chances of you hunting coyotes or any other animal down.

Extra pair of eyes

It always helps to have an extra pair of eyes when hunting. You can look one way while your partner looks the other. This also allows you to cover more ground and see more. Hunting with more eyes is especially beneficial for beginners as it allows them to learn through experience with each other.

Additional hands

Whether it is before, during, or after the hunt an extra pair of hands can be quite beneficial. You can use the assistance of having a partner guide you with wind direction, choosing the right spot, extra pair of eyes during your trip. The additional help will result in you catching and hunting a coyote in no time. It also makes it easier to deal with the kill afterward when you have additional hands to help you rather than having to do it on your own.

Quality time with a friend

In our busy lives, we barely have time to give to our friends. A hunting trip can change that and the time you spend is going to be more memorable than going out and getting drunk with them. The experience you share on the hunting trip will be one that you remember. Especially if you help each other hunt down a big buck or coyote. You will have stories to tell for years.

Keeping you focused

A long hunting trip can be tasking. If you are out in the wild for hours with a hunt, chances are your mental state will tell you to give up and go home. A partner can keep you motivated to continue hunting no matter how many hours you go without hunting something. Plus, with a partner, the time passed won’t seem as boring as you will have companionship throughout.


Having a partner provides you with a safety net, just in case if anything bad happens during the trip. You will have someone to treat you if you fall sick, injure yourself, or encounter an animal.

Strength in numbers

Like animals generally hunt in numbers, humans should too. It greatly increases the chances of them actually getting a kill while also easily managing to bring it home.

Coyote Hunting In Michigan Tips

Coyote Hunting In Michigan Tips

Michigan has slowly become a popular location for coyote hunting. Through the past few years, Michigan has seen an increase in coyote population which has made it a hot spot for coyote hunting. As coyotes slowly adapt to urban areas, it won’t be long that they will no longer be a rarity in urban areas. Michigan is a clear example of this. We have tips for you that will help you on your coyote hunting trip in Michigan.

Coyote Hunting In Michigan Tips

Hunt in season

The first thing you need to be aware of is the season in which to hunt in Michigan. It gets much tougher to hunt out of season because you won’t find many coyotes around to hunt. In Michigan, the hunting season starts from mid-July and runs to mid-April. This is great because the season is pretty much all year around. You will need a license to hunt for coyotes but that is a fairly easy procedure.

You can hunt coyotes if they damage your property

The only time you can actually hunt a coyote down in Michigan without a license is if they cause damage to your property. If a coyote attacks your cattle or causes any damage to your livestock, you have the right to hunt it down. However, you only have that right on your direct property and nowhere else.

Best time of the day to hunt

Like hunting coyotes anywhere, the best time to hunt them is at daybreak or dusk. This is when coyotes are generally active and much easier to spot them and hunt them down. This doesn’t mean you can’t hunt in broad daylight but chances of luring one are much tougher.

Where to hunt

You will find quite a lot of land allocated for hunting coyotes. You can find private locations which permit hunting along with public ones. You want to choose a location that has woods or brushes. Hiding and waiting is a major part of coyote hunting and you want to ensure you have plenty of places to do that. Plus, the more wooded the area, the more chances of coyotes being there.

Many ranchers that face issues with coyotes also open their ranch for hunting purposes. You can even contact local ranchers and ask them if they would permit you to hunt on their land. More often than not, they will agree to the arrangement.

From there on, it’s basically the same case as hunting for coyotes anywhere. It is no longer that tough to hunt for coyotes in Michigan. As the population of the animal rises, the government of Michigan has allowed easy access to a license for hunters to hunt coyotes. So you don’t have to think twice if you planned to get into coyote hunting in Michigan.

North American Hunting Club

What is the North American Hunting Club?

North American Hunting Club

Are you an avid hunter that is looking to get more insight on hunting? Maybe you just want to join discussions with other hunters and get their input? You should then consider joining the North American Hunting Club (NAHC). Founded in 1979, the NAHC was a membership club for hunters which also released magazines with tips and information for those that loved hunting. While it saw success and gained a lot of membership, the Club eventually stopped printing the magazine and digitised itself. It was acquired by which eventually went bankrupt and sold to CBS Sports.

The NAHC saw a heavy increase in its subscription from the 80’s to the 90’s as it offered members lifetime subscription to their magazine and other benefits like coupons related to hunting. However, many members also complained that without prior notice, the club just stopped their subscription. While the club did send letters out to the members once they were going digital, a lot of the subscribers for one reason or another did not receive the letter. Today, with the buyout by CBS, the club is no longer referred to as NAHC and can be accessed online at Scout under their hunting campaign.

Subscription to NAHC

You can get a wide variety of information related to hunting on the page from guides to hunting news. The website has a subscription of with a cost of $36 per year or a $5 charge per month. The membership gives you access to all their news along with access to their forum and bulletin where you can meet other avid hunters.

While the club may seem like a wonderful idea, it hasn’t really reaped a lot of benefit as there are numerous other forums where hunters can easily meet and socialize with one another, free of cost.

green hunting lights

When to use a Green Hunting Light

green hunting lights

The one questions many predator hunters have is, which color light is more effective when hunting? Generally, you can find three main light colors in predator hunting which are green, white and red. Each of the light has its own benefits while both green and red are the main two choices for hunting predators like coyotes and foxes.

Why the green hunting lights?

If you are planning on going into unknown territory and require a light that will allow you to see in darkness then the green hunting light is your best bet. Green hunting light packs just the same amount of power as white light in the sense that it allows you to see far. If you compare it with red lights, you will see that green lights allow you to see further than red ones. This is great for when you venture to unknown territory on your hunting trip.

White lights can be really intense for hunting and really give the hunt off. Green lights are slightly less intense so are much better suited. They don’t really spook the animal off. This is something important to consider, the last thing you want is to be in the range of the animal and scare it away. Coyotes are generally clever and can easily spot white light and hide from it. While the ability and chances of them to spot the green light and hiding from it are slightly less. Making green light the smarter choice on your hunt.

Green vs. Red light

In general, most hunters, however, will tell you to use red over green light when hunting for coyotes. Red hunting lights are a lot less reflective off surroundings which allows you to get a perfect shot without the coyote noticing. Red light is also more visible in the sense that it doesn’t get absorbed as easily in the natural white light like green light does. So you will have a clear vision of what your target is.

The only downside to using red light is that its range isn’t as good as a green light.

The green light is generally recommended for beginners so they get a better view of exactly where they are shooting. More experienced hunters tend to prefer red light because it gives them the upper hand in the hunt.


Parker Crossbows Review

Parker is a popular compound bow and crossbow manufacturer based in the United States. They have a wide selection of compound bows and nine crossbows available on their online store.


Although the company has only been in business since 2002, they have surely left their mark and set a new standard for the industry. Their revolutionary crossbows feature automatic cocking features for convenience and quicker reload times. Recent times have seen Parker redefine tactical crossbows with innovative features and high quality performance for advanced users.

Let’s dive into the Parker crossbow product line and check out the four best crossbow the company has on the market.

Hurricane XXTreme

Rush Creek Creations REALTREE Crossbow and 10 Arrow Bow Rack - 4 Minute AssemblyThe Hurricane XXTreme is a heavy duty crossbow which utilizes new crossbow technology to shatter past beliefs on crossbow performance and build. Parker’s Xtreme Xbow Technology (XXT) is a combination of inverted cams, split limb array, cavity-back riser and HP synergy cams which sets the new standard for speed, noiseless operation, easy cocking. With the features of the Huricane XXTreme, it’s really a surprise to the crossbow so light (8.9 lbs).

The crossbow also features a QuickGrip moveable forearm (up to 4.5 inches) to offer added comfort when taking position in a treestand or groundblind. The Hurricane XXTreme comes with Parker’s proprietary and preinstalled Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) which help in reducing noises, allowing for total concealment in wooded areas.

Parker is well-known for producing high quality bows and crossbows, and it’s apparent that the manufacturer didn’t skimp out with the Hurricane XXTreme model. When holding onto this military-style crossbow, you can feel the quality materials put into the build. However, with quality comes cost, so you should expect to pay around US$2,000 for the unit, but it’s definitely worth it for advanced shooters and hunters.

With the company’s proprietary cam technology and split limb design, you’ll find that this compact 15.375-inch (axle to axle length) crossbow comes with XXtreme power. Bolts fire at 380 FPS (feet per second) so you know that when firing the crossbow, you’re shooting to kill.


The Hurricane XXTreme is designed to fit people of all shapes and sizes with its adjustable AR-styled stock and moveable forearm, allowing the stock to increase or decrease in length, making it more comfortable to hold. Similar to all Parker products, the Hurricane XXTreme’s balance is in the middle. This offers much more comfort to users compared to other crossbows from competing companies who focus the weight of the crossbow near the riser which limits movement range and maneuverability.

The bottom line with the Hurricane XXTreme is that it is a compact, lightweight crossbow which maneuvers easily but also packs a huge punch against large game. The military/camo design of the crossbow also helps blend the hunter into woody areas, and complete concealment is possible since the Hurricane XXTreme is XXTremely silent when firing.

Tornado XXTreme

The Tornado XXTreme is a slightly less powerful and cheaper model compared to the Hurricane XXTreme, although users will find that the crossbow performs extremely well in the woods. Many of the features are the same as the Hurricane XXTreme. Upon purchasing this unit, you will find it disassembled and separated into three parts, but putting the crossbow together is a cinch.


The Tornado XXTreme is free of vibrations, making for more accurate aiming and shot, in spite of its 118 lbs of recoil and 95 decibel reading. The quiet performance of this crossbow is thanks to its superior design, quality components, and superior engineering. Assembly will also play a part in decreasing noise, so make sure that you assemble the unit according to its instructions.

The overall drawback of several of Parker’s crossbow product line is that they don’t include a cocking device which ultimately makes cocking and reloading a little bit of a hassle. In addition, despite its lightweight for staying planted in one spot, moving around with a 8.9 lbs crossbow is a lot harder than you think.

The bottom line is with the Tornado XXTreme, you can expect precision aiming, quiet shooting, and powerful shots. This is the type of crossbow that a new user could purchase and not have many difficulties with. This military-styled crossbow is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for hunting gear.


The Ambusher by Parker is another lightweight, compact and heavy duty crossbow used for hunting deer, bears, and even just target practice. It features an adjustable draw weight of between 135 and 160 lbs without using additional tools or parts. The 7.1 lbs crossbow is easy to handle, allowing for more prevision aiming.


The Ambusher comes with the standard stirrup which fits any size boots you have on. The adjustable 135 lbs draw weight and a short power stroke of only 11.25 inches means you will have no trouble at all cocking new bolts. After cocking, you won’t need to trigger an anti dry-fire mechanism because the device does it for you automatically. This is an added safety feature which prevents dry fire but also keeps you from injuring yourself when cocking.

The Ambusher was designed for virtually anybody – from amateurs just getting into the hunting and shooting game, to veterans on the lookout for the latest crossbow to add to their collections. However, Parker also offers the Ambusher Pink for our lady friends who can take up crossbow-hunting and shooting.

The bottom line is that this crossbow is an enjoyable piece of hunting weaponry for all sorts of people. The adjustability features of arrow speed and length means that it can adapt to the stature of any person. At only 7.1 lbs, the Ambusher can easily be moved from place to place.

Rabid Coyotes

How to Catch a Coyote in a Box Trap

Rat Trap , Rats and Mice Live Humane Cage Trap , One-Door small animal Pest Control Rodents Catcher - By Trap TopBasically, a trap box is a metal cage, large enough to contain an animal without possibility of escape, rigged with a trap door that shuts the animal in upon entering. These box traps come in various sizes for a number of species. Coyote box traps are generally the largest-sized box traps you can buy without placing special orders to a manufacturer.

Trap boxes are arguably the most humane way of capturing and relocating a wild beast. The trap door is not intended to inflict bodily injury on the animal, and it is designed for mobility and easy release without positioning any limbs or digits in harm’s way.

The way a box trap is set is that it is placed in a strategic location where coyotes or other similar-sized pests frequently pass. The cage must be camouflaged with leaves and forest debris in order to draw the animal in. Trap cages for coyotes should have bait placed within otherwise the coyote won’t be tempted to enter and will most likely find another path to wherever it’s heading.

After an animal walks in, the trap door behind the animal shuts rapidly and will not budge to resistance from the inner-side of the cage. This causes the animal to panic and drain its energy in futile attempts to escape the metal trap. It is up to the user to conduct periodic checks on the cages and handle them appropriately.

However, what hunters and farmers who are often bothered by coyotes should know is that these traps are by far not the most effective setup available, but they are the most humane. The most effective trap is the leg and neck snare.

Snares are cleverly placed looped metal cables which tightens as an animal passes through, similar to a pulling a noose. Neck snares will loosen quickly around a panicking and struggling animal, leading to suffocation. Leg snares will basically prevent the catch from moving. Once again, the user should make regular checks to see whether animals were caught in the snares and dispose of the carcasses.

When opting for humane traps and treatment after capture, there is no option other than trap boxes. Setting up a trap box is straightforward: just lift, drop, camouflage, and wait. There are a number of box trap choices to pick from. There are collapsible models which offer more mobility due to their small storage space, and rigid boxes that are a constant rectangular shape. This article will show you step-by-step what you need to do to properly place a box trap and how to release coyotes into the wild.

Finding the right trap box

There are a number of trap boxes for catching coyotes available online and in certain stores. Depending the model and features, trap boxes can be expensive and purchasing multiples would be a hefty investment. However, these are all reusable and are built to last for multiple years.

The dimensions of a coyote trap box should be at least 42-inches long by 15-inches wide by 18-inches tall. Anything smaller might not properly trap an adult coyote, but you are free to find anything larger. Whether you want to spend extra money on collapsible models and two-door set ups is completely up to you and your fixed budget.

1. Locating the ideal spot to set the trap box

To catch coyotes means you’ll need to plant the traps in the right locations. Try and find places where coyotes frequently pass through. You can do this by looking for tracks, droppings, or bushy paths. Note that wild animals will tend to pass through passes with the least resistance, so high grounds or rocky paths on either side of a trail would probably be a place where coyotes could pass. You might need to set up a recording device to keep track of frequently-visited paths.

2. Camouflaging the trap box

After you’ve located the trap box, place the box in the correct position with the open door facing where the coyote would likely pass into. Look around your immediate location for sticks, fallen leaves, clumps of dirt, and other natural substances to conceal the trap. The box should appear as close to natural as possible, and all the metal should be hidden from sight. It’s okay to have some metal showing but attempt to cover as much as possible.

Coyotes are cunning and will likely sniff out a trap, so you may need to conceal your scent by handling the cage with gloves and mask.

3. Adding proper bait to attract coyotes

When you’ve adequately covered the metal cage, you should now be ready to place the bait. Coyotes are attracted to meat and bones, and can also find dog food appealing. Scatter the food around the immediate area of the cage, and throw some in there for good measure.

One problem with metal cage traps is that the trap doors will shut indiscriminately of who step foot into it. This smell of the food will draw any hungry meat-eater to the area, so there’s nothing to do here except hope that a coyote walks in the trap and not a rat.

4. Releasing the trapped coyote back into the wilds

You should always exercise extreme caution when handling caged wildlife. Although the trap box itself limits the risk of receiving bites from the animals within, you should go the extra mile and wear padded gloves and long-sleeve shirts.

The boxes can be picked up with the help of several people (make sure they’re all wearing protective gear) and loaded onto a truck. Whether you want to drop it off at an animal control center or in another part of the woods is completely up to you. Driving with an enraged animal in tow can be intimidating so make sure that the trap door is securely shut and that the cage won’t fling around while being transported.

When releasing the animal, keep in mind that a caged animal – domestic or otherwise – will act unpredictably. Some will bolt as soon as the trap doors are open, some are slow to exit. In the most extreme cases, the newly-released animal will turn around and attempt to bite its captors before cheesing it. You may need to have an experienced hunter with you to teach you the ropes before attempting to do it on your own.